Today's prayer: Please Lord do not be far from me, for I am on the brink of anguishand I have no one to help me.


Psalms 22 God Speaks Today (DHH)

Cry of anguish and singing of praise

(1)  Of the choirmaster, according to the melody of "La cierva de la aurora". Psalm of David.

22 (2)  My God, my God,
why have you forsaken me?
Why do you not come to save me?
Why do you not heed my lamentations? 
(3)  My God,
I call you day and night, and you do not answer; 
There is no rest for me!

(4)  But you are holy; 
you reign, praised by Israel. 
(5)  Our parents trusted you; 
they trusted, and you set them free; 
(6) they  asked for help, and you gave them freedom; 
they trusted in you, and you did not defraud them.

(7)  But I am not a man, but a worm; 
I am the laughingstock of the people! 
(8)  Those who see me, make fun of me; 
they make faces at me, move their heads 
(9)  and say, 
"This man trusted in the Lord; 
for the Lord will deliver him. 
Because he loves you so much, save him. "

(10)  And it is so: 
thou hast made me to be born of my mother's womb; 
in your chest you made me rest. 
10 (11)  Since before I was born, 
I was placed under your care; 
from my mother's womb, 
you are my God. 
11 (12)  Do not be far from me, 
for I am on the brink of anguish, 
and I have no one to help me.

12 (13)  My enemies have surrounded me like bulls, 
like brave bulls of Bashan; 
13 (14) They  roar like fierce lions, they 
open their mouths and they hurl at me. 
14 (15)  I am like water that is poured out; 
my bones are dislocated 
My heart is like wax 
that melts inside of me. 
15 (16)  My mouth is as dry as a tile; 
my tongue is stuck to the palate 
You have sunk me to the dust of death! 
16 (17)  Like dogs, a band of wicked 
people have completely surrounded me; 
I have torn my hands and feet. 
17 (18) I can count the bones! 
My enemies do not take my eyes off me; 
18 (19)  They have divided my clothes among themselves, 
and cast lots for them.

19 (20)  But you, Lord, who are my strength, 
do not turn away, come quickly to my aid! 
20 (21) Save  me from the sword, 
do not let those dogs kill me, 
21 (22)  save me from the mouths of those lions, 
defend me from the horns of these bulls!

22 (23)  I will speak of you to my brothers, 
I will praise you in their meetings. 
23 (24)  You who honor the Lord, praise him! 
Let all the descendants of Jacob glorify him! 
Let all the descendants of Israel worship him! 
24 (25)  For he does not despise or overlook 
the suffering of the poor, 
nor hide himself from them. 
He hears them when they ask for help! 
25 (26)  In the presence of thy numerous people I
will praise thy faithfulness; 
will fulfill my promises before those who honor 

26 (27)  Eat, you oppressed, 
until they are satisfied; 
Praise the Lord, you who seek Him, 
and live many years. 
27 (28)  Races and nations, all 
people of every corner of the earth, take 
heed to the Lord, and come to him; 
Kneel before him! 
28 (29)  For the Lord is the King, 
and He rules over the nations. 
29 (30)  Let 
all who live in abundance bow down and worship him 
all who return to the dust, 
for in themselves they have no life.

30 (31)  My descendants shall worship the Lord, 
and shall speak of him all his life; 
31 (32)  To those who are born later, they will tell 
of their righteousness and their deeds.


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