Man Rapes A Minor And Disabled Girl In Ogun State(Pics)


This man by name Tajudeen Akintoye, raped a minor and disabled girl in ogun,  on monday.The POLICE - Itele POLICE station refused to arrest him because it is believed that he has a spiritual power. He wAs arrested by the VSO, a security outfit in the area and handed over to the POLICE.
Yesterday the Itele POLICE station are demanding excessive cash to handle the case and threatened the parents of the disable girl.
The POLICE plan is to secretly release him today.
Help spread this news
Stop Itele POLICE station from releasing a rapist.
Help the minor and disable girl to have justice.
The IPO handling the  case wrongly is IPO Bola and her  no is 08035735318

Daniel Onuzulike


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