Today's bible teaching: Do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed:let man, made of earth, not sow terror again!


Psalm 10

Prayer asking for God's help

10 Lord, why do you stay so far?
Why are you hiding in times of anguish? 
With arrogance, the evil one
pursues the humble one rabidly; 
but he has to be caught
in the traps he has set himself. 
The wicked boasts of his own desires; 
the ambitious one curses and despises the Lord. 
4 He picks up his nose insolently and says:
"There is no God. There's no one to answer me. "
That's all he thinks. 
5 He always succeeds in what he does. 
For him, your judgments are far,
far away from his sight. 
He mocks his enemies,
and thinks that no one will make him fall,
that will never have problems. 
His mouth is full of curses, 
lies and offenses; 
His words hide oppression and evil. 
He lurks around the villages, 
and in secret he kills the innocent. 
He does not lose sight of the helpless: 
as if he were a lion in his cave, he 
spies on the poor man from his hiding place, 
waiting for the moment to fall on him, 
and when he catches him, he drags him into his net. 
10 He bends down, shrinks, 
and the helpless fall into his clutches.

11 The wicked one thinks that God forgets, 
that he covers his face and that he never sees anything. 
12 Get up, Lord, raise your arm! 
Do not forget the afflicted! 
13 Why, my God, will the bad guys mock you, 
thinking that you will not have to answer them? 
14 You yourself have seen his irritating evil; 
You've seen it, and you'll give it your due! 
The defenseless are welcome to you; 
you are the help of the orphans. 
15 Break the arm of the wicked! 
Ask for accounts of their evil 
until nothing is left pending!

16 The Lord is the eternal King; 
The pagans will be driven out of their country! 
17 Lord, you listen to the prayer of the humble, 
you encourage them and attend to them. 
18 Do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed: 
let man, made of earth, 
not sow terror again!


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