Policemen beat up a senior officer of NSCDC at Infinity Bar Ezenei, Asaba, Delta State.

Behind Bars Rights Defenders received SOS call from NSCDC officer seeking for Justice.

The NSCDC officer who closed from duty on 24th September, 2018 went to eat at Infinity Bar Ezenei Asaba when Police officers from B Division stormed the area arresting and harassing customers eating and drinking. One of the police officers ordered the NSCDC to stand up and enter their Hilux van and he requested to know the reason for his arrest and identified himself as an officer by showing his Identity card.

The police officer slapped him and four others  started beating him with wood, gun butt and rod. He was on the floor shouting for help when a police officer (Senior officer) intervened and they left him.

He was hospitalized and the next day, he reported the case in his office located along DBS road Asaba and nothing was done. He reported to PPRO Delta State Police Command, he couldn't get help. From 24th September till date, they are yet to arrest the officers involved.

A friend told him about Behind Bars Rights Defenders, today he called seeking for Justice from us and concerned Nigerians.

These criminal acts by the police, human rights violations, coupled with their failure to perform many of their most basic functions, severely undermine the Rule of Law in Nigeria.

Behind Bars Rights Defenders calls on the Nigerian government to immediately and effectively address the dynamics that have given rise to and sustain endemic police abuses, and ensure that those who perpetrate these crimes are held accountable.

The Nigeria Police Force should respect sister agencies, Immigration, NSCDC, Prisons etc., streamline and prioritize internal controls by establishing a Public Complaints Unit at all police stations and restructuring its largely discredited IGP X-Squad and IGP Monitoring Unit. The Nigerian government should launch an independent inquiry into human rights violations within the Police Force.

The Nigerian government, including the National Assembly, and the Police Service Commission should improve transparency and accountability in the police force by reforming and ensuring better coordination of oversight mechanisms; and authorities should investigate and prosecute without delay police officers implicated in human rights abuses.

We have giving the Police Authorities 8th October, 2018 to respond to our petition written on behalf of the NSCDC officer.

Harrison Gwamnishu
Director General
BBI Nigeria


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