Conductor set ablaze by mob in Lagos after stabbing a man dead because of balance(Photos)


Read the tragic story shared by Ezinne who lives in Lagos below....

'I'm still terrified
I saw it live with my own eyes .
Now here is the real story

A boy serving his mater (nwa boy) for ladipo came down from a bus at five-star bustop Oshodi way, asked the conductor for his change (hundred naira) the conductor picked a fight with him (normal for lagos).
According to source,  the boy is an igbo boy and has used his igbo bone to beat conductor black blue. Conductor couldn't take the beating so he decided to use weapon.  He grabbed a knife  and stabbed the boy to death  I don't even know where he got the knife 
Agboro's plus igbo traders there caught the conductor and burnt him to death went after the driver, he parked and ran for his life🏃‍♀️ they burnt his bus in front of Emzor company
Police  couldn't stop them for sure

What does it cost to give people their change
Now he waste the poor boy nd wasted himself too.
Burn in hell forever stupid conductor, rest in peace poor boy
He's probably the eye  of his family'


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