Snake That Came To Attack RCCG Pastor In Lagos Dies As The Pastor Preaches(Photos)


According to RCCG identified as Pastor Daniel who ministers in Ikorodu,Lagos State,he was preaching when a snake came to attack.However ,the snake died.He shared the story and wrote....
'Testimony time
So I was preaching and this snake came to the altar
Suddenly the lion in me remembered, thou shall trample upon snakes and scorpions and nothing shall by any means harm you,
So we practiced what we have read ayayaya
Alas it was finished on the altar
I remember I sat there worshiping God before
I moved from the altar to the congregation for Impartations then this snake came to the altar, I just imagined if I was there lying down or sitting, well Jesus will not give room for the devil ahahah
Devil is a bastard
Father thank you
I see a burning generation'


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