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Press Release:


Our attention has been drawn to the circulation of a report In the media said to have been leaked by the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr. Ibrahim Magu to some journalists where he made several allegations against Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, as it concerns the payment of the Paris Club Fund refund to the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF).

Let us first state that these allegations are not new. The EFCC had from the onset of its investigation into the Paris Club refund made attempts to drag in the name of Dr. Saraki and we have promptly denied any such involvement of the Senate President. In fact, the EFCC itself came out to deny the report as it then said it had nothing to indict the Senate President. The anti-graft agency said the investigation was still on-going then.  Yet, as at that time it had all these information it is now dishing out.

It is obvious that at this point when Mr. Magu believes the Senate President should be blamed for his failure to secure confirmation as Chairman of EFCC by the Senate, he would want to fight back by cooking up reports and masterminding its leakage.  We maintain our stand that Dr. Saraki has no direct or indirect link to the distribution of the NGF money. No money from the Paris Club refund was paid to Dr. Saraki.

In addressing the specifics of the allegation in the reports as we gathered from the press, EFCC believe that since the Senate President has worked in the same organisation with Mr. Robert Mbonu before, whatever transaction he is involved in should be linked to the Senate President in this era of mud-slinging and much-raking. We would like to say that Mr. Mbonu is not representing Mr. Saraki in any transaction he does with the NGF and no money from his company, Melrose, in his dealing with Nigeria Governors Forum came to Dr. Saraki either directly or indirectly. And if the EFCC has any information to the contrary, we challenge them to make it public.

We state categorically that no aide of the Senate President acted on Saraki's behalf in whatever they do with Mr. Mbonu.

Again, If Melrose paid any money to a jeweller or any shop,  that has nothing to do with the Senate President. We believe Melrose must have the necessary documentation in support of their transaction and we are sure the EFCC is aware of all these.

In the same vein, if Melrose chose to invest in another company, that decision has nothing to do with the Senate President and the act of drawing a link between Mbonu and Saraki can at best be only pure mischief.

At this point, it should be noted that Xtract Energy Services Limited is a well known foreign exchange dealer with almost 15 years of existence in the market and the company is widely known to do business with many organisations in the country.  The last time the Senate President patronised the company was on December 19, 2014 and we challenge Mr. Magu and the EFCC to prove that the Senate President transacted any form of business with the foreign exchange dealer in the period of the payment of the Paris Club refund.

"We call on members of the public to view this concocted and leaked report as Mr. Magu's form of fighting back. The report has no truth in it. It should be noted that the Senate Prssident was not behind Magu's failure to get confirmation from the Senate. That was democracy in action. Dr. Saraki is merely a presiding officer and first among equals. Dr. Saraki did not in any way interfere with the confirmation process.


Yusuph Olaniyonu
Special Adviser ( Media and Publicity) to Senate President

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We Showed Our Goodwill, They Demonstrated Their Bad Faith -PDP NCC.

Press Release

26 March, 2016.

We Showed Our Goodwill, They Demonstrated Their Bad Faith - NCC.

We have always known that Sheriff and his co travelers especially, Cairo Ojuogbo, were never men of honour with whom one can reach any agreement. But we tagged along to avoid being accused of unnecessary intransigence. Since the leopard cannot change its spot, it is now very clear that no agreement or political solution can be reached with these bunch of people with huge integrity deficit.

(2).  Cairo is a nonentity, an impostor and a rabble rouser in a non existent National Working Committee (NWC). Sheriff has no men to constitute an NWC with the required constitutional quorum. He therefore has to surround himself with the likes of Cairo who was neither elected or appointed to the Position. Cairo's shameless public parade of himself as Deputy National Chairman is the worst case of impunity in the history of our great Party. His threat against our hard working staff should therefore be ignored and treated with utmost contempt coming from a lawless impostor.

(3).  For the education of Sheriff and his cohorts, our Appeal at the Supreme Court is already on. To that extent, the position and status of the National Caretaker Committee remains completely unaltered. Since they cannot comprehend even very simple matters, we will use a simple analogy. If a Governor looses at the election petitions tribunal and at the Court of Appeal, does he ceases to be a Governor even when his appeal is pending before the Supreme Court? And would the civil servants then refuse to serve him? The position of the law is that he would remain the Governor and all government employees will be expected to continue to service his government until otherwise determined by the Supreme Court.

(4).  In the light of the above, we urge our loyal Party members and staff to ignore this latest rantings of the APC lackeys. We went out of our way few days ago to reach accommodation with them even when some of our top leaders had serious misgivings about any type of talk with them given their unreliability. We are happy that we have shown our goodwill and they too have demonstrated their bad faith.

POSTSCRIPT: It should be noted that we tried strenuously to reach Gov Dickson to report this infraction and deliberate violation of the truce agreement by the Sheriff Group but we were not able to get through to him.

God bless the PDP! God bless Nigeria!!

Prince Dayo Adeyeye
National Publicity Secretary, PDP NCC.

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Fashola Visits Governor Ambode In Lagos(Photos)

The Former Governor of Lagos State and the current Honourable Minister of Works, Power and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) was a guest today at Lagos House, Ikeja. Governor Ambode welcomed t and appreciated him for his years of meritorious service to the Government and People of Lagos.Governor Ambode said.....

'The Lagos State Government will collaborate with and support the Federal Government to execute projects for the benefit of Lagosians and Nigerians'.

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PDP Crisis:Governor Dickson Led Committee Meet Goodluck Jonathan In Otueke(Photos)

Gov Dickson led Reconciliation Committee met with former President Goodluck Jonathan in his country home Otueke on the ongoing peace efforts of the party.He was accompanied by Engr Mohammed Abba -Gana, Mahmud Nicki., Haija Amina, his Deputy Gov and other State Gov Officials.They presented the results of the committee to GEJ.

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See What Buhari Told DSS Officials Who Wanted To Prevent A Comedian From Having A Handshake With Him

As shared by Nigerian comedian MC Tagwaye ....
I was invited by Katsina state APC party chairman, to come and perform, when I got to his office I said, sir where am I performing, he said the President is in town, the state government wants to host a dinner for him, come do your thing. I said OK. When I got there, I was called up stage, before then, the governor has sited me already, and told PMB, that's the boy that use to mimic you, he (PMB)was reading a document, immediately he heard that, he dropped the document, he was just anxiously waiting to hear from me, when I started, he was shocked, quite and was just looking at me, at the high table no one was laughing because he(PMB) has not, so they thought.Oh boy this man(PMB) no welcome this thing oooo. Not knowing, he was just surprised, how did this boy do it. When I was asked a question concerning corruption, my response/ answer left him with no choice but burst into laughter and governors, the emir, senators on the high table could not hold it any longer, they started laughing without stop. The governor of Katsina, Zamfara, Kebbi, and Kano were in attendance. After my performance. I requested for a handshake and a photograph with PMB, DSS came to stop me, I didn't stop, I felt like the general I was portraying , PMB asked them not to, before I got to where he was, he has stood up already, I had what I've never dreamt of in my entire life, yet it happened. After my photograph with him, the governor told him they're twins your excellency, he asked where is the other one, they told him is over there, PMB said come over too. With these, I want to believe no one will ask me questions relating to these, have you met him, you'll be arrested ooooo are you not afraid etc. The Video of that performance is on my YouTube channel, you can go there and watch as well. These happened in 2016 in Katsina.No be today'
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'Buhari Wears N2m Shoes Despite Recession':Deji Adeyanju(Pics)

According to Prince Deji Adeyanju,President Buhari was spotted wearing a shoes that cost N2m despite recession.Below is what he wrote and how Nigerians reacted......

'‪President MBuhari the messiah is wearing a N2million Naira shoe in recession. ‬

‪Change begins with Bubu'

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'Sahara Reporters Owner Sowore Will Go To Jail': Dino Melaye(Pics)

What is going on?Despite Sahara Reporters owner releasing more evidences that Senator Dino Melaye has some questionable characters with his academic qualifications,Senator Dino Melaye insists that Sowore will go to jail.

What do you think?

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Call your boys to order, Fayose urges Buhari

Gov. Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state has made a passionate appeal to President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene forcefully to restrain Presidency officials and other appointees endangering our democracy and making a mockery of the nation.

Speaking through  his Chief Press Secretary, Idowu Adelusi, the governor decried the incessant acts of impunity by Presidency officials, which he said have become alarming, and the pettiness that attend serious matters of state, which he said has become ludicrous.

“Governance has been reduced to a theatre of the absurd. These appointees of yours are needlessly and embarrassingly flexing muscles and are heating up the polity; they appear to be having fun and regaling themselves at the expense of the nation. The economy has collapsed and the people are suffering. There is hunger and anger never before witnessed in the land.

“Yet, Presidential appointees are preoccupied with trivialities and inanities. Wearing of uniform has suddenly become a Supreme Court matter. Why a man who will not wear uniform went to take a uniformed job beggars belief. How someone who has so little respect and scanty regard for an organisation like the Nigeria Customs Service should be made to head the same organisation must baffle right-thinking Nigerians.

“In other societies where people have a sense of decency and decorum, people with such irreconcilable differences would honourably resign their position.

“And where a government finds itself unable to effectively govern, as we appear to have here on our hands, it behoves the head of that government to do the needful.

“Mr. President, let it not be said that you have lost grip of your government. Nigerians are beginning to believe, as a statement of fact, your wife’s allegation that a cabal has taken over your government. Your defence that your wife belongs to “the other room” now rings hollow in the ears of Nigerians.

“The saying is that he who appoints can also disappoint. Your appointees are your creation and it is an aberration when they become greater and more powerful than you. Mr. President, the tail is wagging the dog right now. You must take effective and firm action to reverse this ugly and unwholesome trend.

“I am also the head of a government and I know how it works. The ‘consortium of presidents’ around you, as Nigerians now derisively refer to those ‘powerful’ and larger-than-life appointees of yours who take delight in riding roughshod over the polity and desecrating the hallowed chambers of justice, must be cut to size. If you need help, Nigerians are ready to queue behind you on this issue to put an end to your appointees’ shenanigans.

“Mr. President, I, Ayo Fayose, volunteer to help you in this regard. As a state governor, I cannot brook a tenth of what you are taking from your appointees. None of my appointees can disrespect and disparage the Ekiti State House of Assembly like your appointees are doing to the National Assembly.

“Did you listen to what a distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic said this week on the floor of the red chamber; that for the 59 days that you were away on medical leave in London, your appointees were gentle and behaved themselves and there were no killings in any part of the country by rampaging herdsmen; but now you are back and the troubles are back with us again? We all prayed for your quick recovery and swift return to office. Must we now regret doing so?

Fayose then warned the President to note that Nigerians are discerning and the wool cannot be pulled over their eyes any longer. Their patience, he added, is fast running out.

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Governor Rochas Okorocha Begs Buhari Ro Release Nnamdi Kanu.IPOB Members React,Blast Him(Photos)

According to Imoliaison Abuja,Gov. Rochas Okorocha today appealed to Buhari to release IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu.According to him,Nnamdi Kanu's actions should be seen as youthful exuberance.He disclosed this after receiving VP Osinbajo in Owerri.Below is what Imoliaison wrote and see how Igbo people reacted....

''NATIONAL RECONCILATION- Governor Okorocha Calls For The Release of Kanu.

Addressing the Press after receiving the Vice President who is on his way to Abia State for the Niger Delta Stakeholders Forum today,
Governor Okorocha advocated, in the spirit of reconciliation, that the Federal Government should release Nnamdi Kanu.
Okorocha opined that his activities should be seen as youthful exuberance.
“What he is agitating for, is what others are agitating for too.  But he used the wrong language and insulted leaders including myself. But this is the time for National Reconciliation”

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Goodluck Jonathan's Portrait Before Vs Now:See Where It Was Dumped In Abuja(Photos)

How time flies!When Goodluck Jonathan was in power,people were worshipping him even his portrait.Can you imagine what is happening now?Veteran Facebook journalist Malam Mustapha Yamusa Rigasa saw his portrait dumped in dustbin behind the Rivers state governor lodge Abuja.

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'The Praise Singers Of Buhari Are His Real Enemies Who Could Destroy His Efforts': Emir Sanusi

According to Emir Sanusi,the praise singers of Buhari's administration are his true enemies.Below is what he wrote and how Nigerians reacted.....

The Praise singers around the President MuhammaduBuhari are the real enemies of the government who could destroy his efforts.I feel sorry for the people in government because they are surrounded by enemies. T‎he President needed people who will tell him where he goes wrong. I‎ ‎knew power was transient, I spoke the truth during my time at the Central Bank of Nigeria, no matter the consequences. Some were afraid to speak out against evil because they were afraid of losing their jobs. All the people they were afraid of years ago, where are they today? For those who are still in power, remember that it is transient,‎ If you want to be a true Nigerian, tell the present government where they’re going wrong. A‎t the end of the day, this job, Central Bank, I’d leave it someday. I could die, or my tenure expires, or I’d be sacked. I had no control over it. But I have a control over how I live.
I wasn’t surprised about my suspension; I knew it would happen, because I had been called and asked to resign, and I said ‘no’. I was not going to make it easy for anyone. ‎My answer was simple. You asked me to resign for telling you money has been stolen. Ask the minister to resign first. Y‎ou forget that the person, either the President or the Governor, is also occupying a transient position. All the people that people were afraid of two, three years ago, where are they today? ‎Power is transient. The only thing that is permanent is what you do for people when you were alive. If you’re a Governor or a President or a Minister, it does not matter how much you have; you will be remembered for service, not the amount of money you have that you cannot even announce'.‎

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'No Shaking My Paddy' Says Dino Melaye As He Poses With Saraki(Photos)

Senator Dino Melaye no go kill person.Like say him no even send Sahara Reporters and the accusations levelled against him and Saraki.He was pictured with Senate President Saraki and said.....

'No Shaking My Paddy'.

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