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DonationReward is a program which connects donors from around the world.
 It ensures 100% reward in return for initial donation for any participant who had ealier donated to a qualified donor on the system.

Members Make Request To Donate A Certain Amount Between N10,000/$20(Minimum) And N50,000/$100(Maximum) To A Qualified Donor,
After Payment Is Confirmed By The Receipient, Member Becomes A Qualified Donor And Can Request For His/Her 100% Reward After 7Days Which Will Also Be Donated By Another Donor Between The Same 7th To 10th Day At Most.

Donations Can Be Made In Local Currency(N) Or Bitcoin($) And Rewards Would Come In The Currency In Which Donation Was Made.
   For instance, if you make a request to donate N10,000, in a couple of hours or days you would be matched with a qualified donor who had requested for his reward.
After making this donation completely, the recipient approves your payment and the system automatically adds you to qualified donor list in which you would be able
to request for your reward of N20,000 after 7days.
When you request for your reward, you would also be matched with a donor for your reward or two donors to donate N10,000 to you each.

    You can also make profit from our referer bonus program, all you need to do is sign up with donationreward >>>http://donationreward.net/register.php.
After confirming your account from your mailbox, you would be redirected to the dashboard, on the dashboard navigate to profile where your
referer link would be displayed, copy your referer link and start sharing on social media. You would earn $1 or N500 for every donor that registers under your referer link.
Once your referer bonus reaches $20 or N10,000, you can then request for your reward in Naira(N) Or Bitcoin($) and a donor will be matched to pay you in few hours.

What happens if the participant i am matched with refuses to donate?
when a participant refuses to donate after 24hrs, the participant who is to donate to you will be suspended and you will be rematched with another donor.

How long does it take to match me with a donor?
It depends on how qualified donors request for their rewards. However it takes 3hrs or 2days maximum to be matched if you request to donate.

How long does it take to to get my rewards after making donation?
Once your payment is approved by the recipient, after 7days you can request for your reward and you would be matched with a donor or two in a couple of hours
and the donors must make the donations in 24hrs-48hrs. Practically, you will get your reward in 7-10days.

What if i am afraid to donate?
You can start sharing your referer link on social media and once you are able to refer up to 20 people or more, you can request for your reward and then you will see the system is real
 and working.

What do i do if i encounter any forms problem?
you can easily contact us at support@donationreward.net orthedonationreward@gmail.com.

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Niger Delta:Paul Arkwright & Others Meet Osinbajo(Pics)

British High Commissioner to Nigeria Paul Arkwright,reps of NL,EU, US, France, Germany & Italy met with VP Osinbajo where they discussed the way forward for Niger Delta.According to Paul Arkwright,they agreed that there will be no military action.He said continuous engagement is the key.They also discussed the progress made so far in securing lasting peace in Niger Delta

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See Photos Of The UNILAG Student Who Slumped & Day Died

As shared by Micheal Ogunlaja....

'I knew her for more than two years.Tope was a good girl, humble, nice and jovial lady.  She was a prestigious lady ready to sacrifice everything for someone. I remember those moment we spent together reading, joking, and tackling serious issues. Memories of u tope can never vanish from my life. Tope u never tell me u will go this soon. It was a shock when i heard ur death. Why would death Pick u. The last time we saw, we talked, joke, laugh and sober together not knowing that was the last time we were gonna to see. Indeed we lost icon, an akokite.u will forever be in my heart.
Finally tope has been buried this morning.Myself and ras rap with Taiwo Akinbinu wept bitterly as tope corpse was been put into the grave. What a small world we lived in.
Let all be good and live a good and holy life because one day death is coming to pick us one by one.
We loved u but God loves u more. Till that day where we will meet in the blossom feet of God almighty where death won't separate us till eternity.

So sad. I give u my last respect tope.

R.i.p Tope omolara .

May your gentle soul rest in peace'.

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Goodluck Jonathan,Patience Jonathan,Gov. Dickson,Others At Coronation Of HRM Charles Owaba(Photos)

Former President Goodluck Jonathan,his amiable wife, Patience, Governor of Bayelsa state Seriake Dickson and Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State, Rear Admiral Gboribiogha John Jonahn rtd last week attended the Coronation and Presentation of Staff of Office to HRM Dumaro Charles Owaba in Ogbia Town.

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Senator Abubakar Kyari Dressed In Military Regalia(Pics)

Here are photos of Senator Abubakar Kyari Chairman Senate Committee On Defence dressed in military regalia.Is he the one going to Sambisa forest to represent Buhari?

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Press Release:


Our attention has been drawn to the circulation of a report In the media said to have been leaked by the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr. Ibrahim Magu to some journalists where he made several allegations against Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, as it concerns the payment of the Paris Club Fund refund to the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF).

Let us first state that these allegations are not new. The EFCC had from the onset of its investigation into the Paris Club refund made attempts to drag in the name of Dr. Saraki and we have promptly denied any such involvement of the Senate President. In fact, the EFCC itself came out to deny the report as it then said it had nothing to indict the Senate President. The anti-graft agency said the investigation was still on-going then.  Yet, as at that time it had all these information it is now dishing out.

It is obvious that at this point when Mr. Magu believes the Senate President should be blamed for his failure to secure confirmation as Chairman of EFCC by the Senate, he would want to fight back by cooking up reports and masterminding its leakage.  We maintain our stand that Dr. Saraki has no direct or indirect link to the distribution of the NGF money. No money from the Paris Club refund was paid to Dr. Saraki.

In addressing the specifics of the allegation in the reports as we gathered from the press, EFCC believe that since the Senate President has worked in the same organisation with Mr. Robert Mbonu before, whatever transaction he is involved in should be linked to the Senate President in this era of mud-slinging and much-raking. We would like to say that Mr. Mbonu is not representing Mr. Saraki in any transaction he does with the NGF and no money from his company, Melrose, in his dealing with Nigeria Governors Forum came to Dr. Saraki either directly or indirectly. And if the EFCC has any information to the contrary, we challenge them to make it public.

We state categorically that no aide of the Senate President acted on Saraki's behalf in whatever they do with Mr. Mbonu.

Again, If Melrose paid any money to a jeweller or any shop,  that has nothing to do with the Senate President. We believe Melrose must have the necessary documentation in support of their transaction and we are sure the EFCC is aware of all these.

In the same vein, if Melrose chose to invest in another company, that decision has nothing to do with the Senate President and the act of drawing a link between Mbonu and Saraki can at best be only pure mischief.

At this point, it should be noted that Xtract Energy Services Limited is a well known foreign exchange dealer with almost 15 years of existence in the market and the company is widely known to do business with many organisations in the country.  The last time the Senate President patronised the company was on December 19, 2014 and we challenge Mr. Magu and the EFCC to prove that the Senate President transacted any form of business with the foreign exchange dealer in the period of the payment of the Paris Club refund.

"We call on members of the public to view this concocted and leaked report as Mr. Magu's form of fighting back. The report has no truth in it. It should be noted that the Senate Prssident was not behind Magu's failure to get confirmation from the Senate. That was democracy in action. Dr. Saraki is merely a presiding officer and first among equals. Dr. Saraki did not in any way interfere with the confirmation process.


Yusuph Olaniyonu
Special Adviser ( Media and Publicity) to Senate President

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Nigerian Queen Blessing Features In Hollywood Movie,Poses With 50 Cent(Pics)

Nigerian lady Queen Blessing Itua has made Nigerian proud by featuring in Hollywood movie.She was pictured today with American singer 50 Cent and Chilli, TLC Singer on the set of the action-thriller, Escape Plan 2. Timely Hollywood set experience as she prepares for her upcoming International/Nollywood movie: 'Diplomatic Strings' slated to hit theaters in Europe, Africa, and America later this year.Escape Plan 2 is slated to hit theaters next year

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