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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Parliament In Gabon Set Ablaze

Parliament In Gabon Set Ablaze

In the aftermath of Gabonese President Ali Bongo's contested reelection, aggrieved protesters reportedly set fire to the parliament on Wednesday.

Citizen reports on social media and images began emerging online showing the country's parliament engulfed in flames a little more than an hour ago. The fire has since been confirmed by international news agencies with correspondents in Gabon.


Recession: PDP begs President Buhari to resign

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to resign, following the new statistics released Wednesday by the National Bureau of Statistics, which officially declared economic recession in Nigeria. They called for the resignation of the president in statement released on September 1.

"Nothing better showcases the absolute ineptitude and incompetence of the Muhammadu Buhari administration than the GDP, Inflation and unemployment figures released by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics today. 

These figures reveal what we have repeatedly said over the last 15 months , President Buhari is destroying the Nigerian economy. 

For the avoidance of doubt, some of these figures include: GDP contracted by -2.06% in Q2 2016. In contrast, the economy grew by 2.35% in Q2 2015. This was worse than -0.36% in Q1 2016. Headline Inflation for July 2016 stands at 17.1%. It was 16.5% in June 2016. Food inflation was 15.58% for July 2016 from 15.3% in June 2016. Portfolio investment declined to $245.3m in Q2 2016. This is a 9.5% from $271.0m in Q1 2016 & is a far cry from $2.81bn in Q2 2015. FDI declined from $211.1m in Q2 2015 and $174.4m in Q1 2016 to an estimated $133.0m in Q2 2016. Total value of capital imported in Q2 2016 is estimated at mere $647.1m. 

This is the lowest quarterly figure since Nigeria started keeping records of capital importation. It is a decline from $710.9 m in Q1 2016 & a far cry from $2.67bn in Q2 2015. A total of 4,580,602 people have lost their jobs since May 29, 2015. The number of persons in full time employment decreased by 351,350 in Q2 2016 compared to Q1 2016. 

The result of these indices is that Nigeria is in its worst economic state for 29 years – dating back to 1987 when the nation had to take harsh steps to recover from President Buhari's policies of 1984-85. As with 1984-85, companies are fleeing our shores in droves. 

Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) recently stated that more than 272 companies have shut down in the past 1 year. Furthermore, like we suffered in 1984-85, we are suffering a brain drain where our best & brightest talents are leaving the country in search of a better life elsewhere. 

It is disheartening that the Buhari administration is destroying the Nigerian economy & our collective future by the implementation of his archaic & incoherent economic policies which failed in 1984-85 & are failing spectacularly now. Our dismay is made worse by the fact that every sphere of the Nigerian socio-political space (ranging from the conduct of elections human rights, respect for the rule of law, security, technology, health etc) is negatively affected by Buhari's government. 

We join all well meaning Nigerians to call on Buhari to resign if he is unable to reverse the economic decline he has brought on us. May God bless Nigeria, especially in these very difficult times".


Civil Servants: Shettima directs payment of two months salaries

Civil Servants: Shettima directs payment of two months salaries

.... Saves about 1 Billion Naira monthly, discover 5,000 ghost workers

"Our salary stands at 2.7 Billion Naira as of January but when we started the verification it plummeted to 2.4 Billion Naira. The government made a outright saving of 300 Million Naira.

We constituted a verification committee and has duly concluded the assignment and physically verified 19,763 staffs as against over 25,000 staff submitted by the nominal role of MDAs.

The state government has engaged a consultancy firm and as of today 11,397 staffs have been captured and cleared as the bonafide employees of the Borno state government, therefore, they are eligible to be paid their monthly salaries.

There are about 7,392 who are yet to be captured out of which over 4000 have issues to sort out with their banks on BVN.

There are also about 3000 of them including those who did not comply with the guidelines of completing the forms, including irregular employment, illegal employments, mutilation of documents, over stay in service and other sundry concerns.

However, I have already directed the committee to ensure that all such issues are resolved within one week to enable all those who are eligible to collect their salaries to do so. After all, all those who have issues to sort out have already been notified through the MDAs.

The verification exercise is justifiable, the salary bill of the Borno state government of the total number of 11,397 already screened and captured stands today at N1, 129, 320, 956.00 that is N 2, 258, 641, 912.00 for the two months.

I have directed the Ministry of Finance, Budget and Planning to pay the two months salaries of all those authenticated and ensure a weekly payment of all eligible employees being captured and authenticated.

I want sound a note of warning to all banks in Maiduguri, any banks that becomes an accessory after the perpetuation of these criminality will pay the price. We have been quite generous to the banks, no bank in Maiduguri which does not have a government patronage. There was a Bank in Maiduguri which within three to four days they opened 30 to 40 salary accounts. I have started retrieving the ATM cards of those accounts from those that have been sponsored to go and open the account.

Believe me, any banks that connived with any top government official in the civil service to perpetuate fraud, the full weight of the law will descend on that bank and not only that we are going delist that bank and blacklist that bank from government patronage.

Time are hard but the Borno people are known for resilience,  therefore the hard times will come to pass and Borno will once again emerge stronger and better for our people.

I wish to therefore appeal to our people to face our current challenges with courage and double our efforts to revamp our economy.

I wish to also appeal to civil servants to continue to be dedicated to service and ensure optimum delivery in the overall public interest.

Long live Borno State.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria." -Hon. Kashim Shettima, Borno state Governor.


'There’s a secret government ruling Nigeria behind the scene' says Fani Kayode

Read what he wrote below;

"I really do wonder about our leaders sometimes.

Many talk about corruption and spend their time accusing and pointing fingers at others yet these same people have stolen and pillaged more than anyone else, have killed more innocent people and have committed more grievous crimes and genocide against various sections of the Nigerian people bettween 1966 up until today than anyone else.

They are indeed the "hidden hand" in the affairs of the Nigerian state or what some describe as the "secret government".

Just today one of them publicly lamented the fact that history is no longer taught in our schools. He forgot that he was the one that banned the teaching of history when he was Head of State in the mid-1970's.

He did that because he did not want future generations of Nigerians to know what he and the small group of people that put him there did before, during and after the civil war.

Since July 29th 1966 that same group of people have effectively been running the affairs of this country from behind the scenes and they install and remove Presidents and Heads of State at will. They determine virtually everything that happens here and who gets what.

The truth is that they are the problem of Nigeria and none of them can ever be part of the solution.

They, in collusion with their foreign friends and partners which include the governments of the U.K. and the U.S., put Buhari in power and removed Jonathan last year.

Worst of all is the fact that they used the forces and spirit of radical Islam and the hatred of Christianity amongst northern Muslims to do it. That was their final act of wickedness against the Nigerian people and it was one wicked act too many.

By the time this is all over there may not be a Nigeria left for them to rule and laud it all over anymore"- FFK.


Footballer Dickson Nwakaeme buys Range Rover for wife

Nigeria's striker Dickson Nwakaeme  just took delivery of a brand new Range Rover for his wife Geraldine Nwakaeme. The car is a replica of the one he got for himself months ago. The couple had their white wedding earlier this year.


Facebook fraudsters who raped 2 ladies and videotaped it arrested in Calabar (photos)

The boys pictured above were arrested Wednesday for posing as ladies on facebook and then raping two ladies they invited to visit them at Atekong in Calabar. The young men also videotaped the act and then asked the ladies to pay N30k or they will release the video clip on the internet. According to the eyewitness, the ladies went in search of the money but later decided to report the matter to police who got the young men arrested. See more photos and the eyewitness' narrative below;

"This is happening live in my place of work. The picture of the boys below this write-up used female names and pictures to make friends with some girls on Facebook. The innocent girls were invited to meet with the supposed "friend", when the girls got to the address at no. 1 Atekong in Calabar. The boys handed their phone to a girl to go bring in the girls. As soon as the girls entered the house the girl who ushered them in disappeared. The two girls were raped by five boys, videotaping their acts and later asked the girls to pay them 30k or the video will be uploaded to the net. They showed the girls clips from their escapades with other girl s and how much they paid. As the girls went out in search of the money, they decided reporting the case to law enforcement agents and they were picked up. Beware of who you add as friends!


Today's prayer: Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me

Psalm 51 Vs 9-15

9Hide thy face from my sins, and blot out all mine iniquities.

 10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

 11 Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thyholy spirit from me.

 12 Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.

 13 Then will I teach transgressors thy ways; and sinners shall be converted unto thee.

 14 Deliver me from bloodguiltiness, O God, thou God of my salvation: and my tongue shall sing aloud of thy righteousness.

 15 O Lord, open thou my lips; and my mouth shall shew forth thy praise.


Correction 2017 fever: Deputy Governor Nkem Okeke, to be dropped.

Correction 2017 fever: Deputy Governor Nkem Okeke, to be dropped.

APGA Interactive Forum has gathered that Obiano is on a serious consultation on how to drop his Deputy, Dr Nkem Okeke after he must have picked APGA ticket in 2017 and nominate someone from Anambra South as his new deputy.

Obiano wants to sacrifice Dr Nkem Okeke and nominate someone from South in order to placate the Anambra South stakeholders who have alleged that Obiano abandoned the senatorial zone and are set to vote against him at the poll.

Those who advised Obiano to drop Nkem Okeke and go South, This Forum learnt reminded him that part  the reason GEJ lost was because he refused to drop Namadi Sambo as advised by OBJ and pick a more grassroot politician from the north.

They reminded Obiano that Ngige, Obi, Ekwunife and other stakeholders in Anambra central will run Umeh who is his major backer from the zone out as Nkem Okeke has no electoral value. They therefore suggested to Obiano to think south and pick someone who can return block votes from the zone.

This Forum discovered that due to this plan, the office of the Deputy Governor is being starved of fund. It was shocking when our reporter at Agu Awka informed us that the Deputy Governor's office receives less than 5 million naira monthly to run his office while the governor takes a whopping sum of 1 billion naira monthly under the guise of security vote.

He was being starved of fund to ensure that he has no financial muscle to fight back whenever he is dropped.

Meanwhile, in a related development, APGA Interactive Forum learnt that the Deputy Governor is being careful especially with his SA political, Dr Elo Afoka who was planted in his office to spy him. A source close to the deputy revealed to us that during the "stone Peter Obi" saga, that the Deputy Governor was so unhappy with Elo Afoka that he wanted the governor to sanction him and redeploy him from his office, but was shocked when the office of the governor kept mute on the face of that condemnable statement from his aide.

Dr Nkem Okeke has been a loyal Deputy, his home town Enugwu Ukwu has not benefitted anything from this administration. The same way his office is neglected is the same way his home town has no govt presence. Worst still, the Deputy has no plan B, he only resigned to fate.

Credit: Victor Chigozie


Mark Zuckerberg meets Nollywood stars, RMD, Rita Dominic, Stephanie Linus, Basketmouth, Yemi Alade, Kunle Afilayan at Naija Talent Lounge

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg met with top entertainment artistes such as, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Tolu 'Toolz' Oniru-Demuren, Kunle Afolayan, Basketmouth, Rita Dominic Yemi Alade, Florence 'DJ Cupoy' Otedola, Stephaine Okereke-Linus at the Naija Talent Lounge on Wednesday. Continue to see more photos after the cut…


Juju in front of Ondo State APC Secretariat…Confirmation of the Broom Stick Voodoo of the Party during the 2015 General Elections: PDP

August 30, 2016


Juju in front of Ondo State APC Secretariat…Confirmation of the Broom Stick Voodoo of the Party during the 2015 General Elections

The public, especially members and teaming supporters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have reacted to the presence of Juju (voodoo) and palm fronds that barricaded the entrance of the All Progressive Congress (APC) State Secretariat in Akure, the Ondo State Capital.

They maintain that the display of 'Voodoo' at the Secretariat of the APC in Ondo State is a clear confirmation of the accusation that the APC broomstick logo is very much associated with voodoo and hypnosis.

Nigerians have witnessed a show of desperation by APC leaders in the State to outwit themselves in a fight to clinch the Party's Governorship Ticket for the forthcoming Gubernatorial Election resulting to the use of voodoo on Monday, August 29, 2016 blocking the entrance of the Secretariat thereby preventing officers of the Party from accessing their offices.

What we saw at the State Secretariat of the All Progressive Congress (APC) yesterday morning is a proof of the accusations leveled against the APC of being associated with voodoo (Juju). How can Party members in the State result to the use of 'juju' to scare others in the Race to the November 26, 2016, Gubernatorial Election?

Nigerians are hereby reminded of earlier accusation by well-meaning citizens after the 2015 Elections that the APC hypnotized the electorates during the Elections with their 'broomstick voodoo' just to get elected into various political offices with unimaginable promises that the Party could not fulfill after being voted into office.

Finally, the electorates in Ondo State are called upon to avoid the mistake of 2015 Elections and vote the PDP's Flag-bearer, Hon. Eyitayo Jegede as their Governor in the forthcoming Gubernatorial Election.


Amapakabo denies being ousted from Eagles camp

Super Eagles' assistant coach, Imama Amapakabo has denied a report in the media that he was asked out of the team's camp in Uyo by Franco-German Technical Adviser, Gernot Rohr.

The Enugu Rangers FC head coach was part of the team's first training session in the Akwa Ibom State capital on Tuesday evening before leaving for Enugu on Wednesday morning to take charge of the 'Flying Antelopes' in a rescheduled NPFL match. But a report stated that he had been shoved out of the team by former Paris Saint Germain FC defender Rohr.

"There is no truth in the report that I was told to leave the camp. On Tuesday, the Technical Adviser (Gernot Rohr) arrived camp and held a first meeting with everyone in camp, in a wonderful atmosphere.

"He preached team spirit and insisted each and every person in camp is important. After the day's training, I went to meet him for permission to travel to Enugu and lead my team against MFM FC in a rescheduled NPFL match on Wednesday. He saw the need for me to be there and wished me good luck. The TA (technical adviser) also told me that it was important I returned to camp immediately after the match."

Rohr, who had earlier declared his readiness to work with Nigerian indigenous coaches in order to leave a useful and positive legacy at the expiration of his contract, corroborated Amapakabo's statement.

"I never dismissed him. Rather, I was excited that we have a member of the technical crew doing so well with his club and I have heard many people say Rangers have a good chance of winning the League, and I know it is a great club with a great tradition.

"He (Amapakabo) told me it was important for him to go as three points from there would see his team topping the table, with few matches left in the season. You can only encourage such a person."

Team official Dayo Enebi Achor confirmed that former Nigeria junior international Amapakabo is being expected back at the team's Le Meridien Hotel in Uyo on Thursdaymorning.


Re: Makarfi PDP Sues Judges Over Rulings In Party Crisis…We are not party to it - PDP

August 31, 2016

Press Statement

Re: Makarfi PDP Sues Judges Over Rulings In Party Crisis…We are not party to it - PDP

The attention of the Chairman of the PDP National Caretaker Committee,  Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, CON, has been drawn to some  publications in both the print and electronic media alleging that the PDP has sued Justice Ibrahim Auta and Justice Okon Abang as a result of their involvement in the Judgment delivered on the Party.

We wish to state unequivocally that we are not part of the Suit at the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) High Court; and therefore, we are urging any loyal Party member or groups that initiated the Suit in question to immediately withdraw the Suit.

The PDP under Senator Ahmed Makarfi has no reason to sue the honourable Justices of the Federal High Courts and the Party will continue to rely strongly on the Judiciary as the last hope of the common man knowing fully that its only our dependence on prudence Court Judgment that will continue to stabilize our democracy and bring about good governance.

In the light of the above, the PDP has not instructed anyone or group of persons to file any Case on its behalf and therefore is not a party to Suit N0 9V/2239/2016 before the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

The general public, our members  and teeming supporters should note that the Party is already taking appropriate legal steps to address previous dissenting Rulings.

The PDP will continue to maintain its position as a Party that will provide alternative governance and people oriented programmes that is beneficial to all Nigerians.


Dr. Ibrahim Umar, Esq.
Special Adviser to the National Chairman




▪Head of Service, Special Adviser on Lands also suspended

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has approved the suspension of the following Commissioners for three months.

▪Honourable Commissioner for Chieftaincy Affairs
▪Honourable Commissioner for Culture and Tourism
▪Honourable Commissioner for Finance
▪Honourable Commissioner for Sports

Also suspended for three months are the State Head of Service and the Special Adviser on Lands.

Simeon Nwakaudu,
Special Assistant to the Rivers State Governor, Electronic Media.
31st August,  2016.


New stunning photos of actress Joselyn Dumas

Joselyn Dumas marked her birthday today by releasing these stunning photos shot by celebrity photographer, Kelechi Amadi. Happy birthday to Sexy! More photos after the cut.


Cameroonians welcome Samuel Nlend who was sacked for being HIV-positive back home (photos)

Samuel Nlend, 21, is back in Cameroon, after being sacked by an Egyptian football club, Al Ittihad, for allegedly testing HIV positive during the club's standard medical test routine. 

The 21-year-old footballer's friends, teammates and fans came out in their numbers to welcome him back home. Cameroonians are reeling in anger and have called for the club to be sued for violating Samuel's right to privacy by making his HIV test results public. 

The SYNAFOC (Syndicat national des footballeurs camerounais) has even promised to take legal actions against the Egyptian club.

Nlend, is regarded as one of Cameroon's brightest soccer prospects. He finished the last Cameroonian soccer league season as the top scorer with his former club, Union Douala. He also played and scored for the Cameroonian senior team at the African Nations Championship in Rwanda earlier this year.

Nlend's teamates are very happy to have him back and many have promised to give him all the moral support he needs to keep going in his career.

"We are happy to see our teammate in great shape because he is important for our team. We will put all of us together to work for good end of season. "  Said David Eto'o

See photos of Nlend at the Douala International Airport...

Nlend and his teammates...


Jigawa State Governor Alhaji Muhammad Badaru Abubakar visits SAM-NUT 24

The Jigawa State Governor Alhaji Muhammad Badaru Abubakar (MON, mni) in company of the the Managing Director, Jigawa State Agricultural and Rural Development Agency (JARDA) paid an unscheduled inspection to some ten hectares cluster of SAM-NUT 24 variety of  Groundnut, at Karnaya and twenty five hectares of  improved variety of rice at Kwaimawa.

The Governor also paid a similar visits to other farms at Kuje and Yargaba in Dutse Local Government.

Maigirma Gwamnan Jihar Jigawa  Alhaji Muhammad Badaru Abubakar (MON, mni) tare da rakiyar Manajin Darakta na Hukumar Noma da Raya Karkara (JARDA) sun kai ziyarar ba zata zuwa wasu gonakin bai ɗaya na SAM-NUT 24 mai Eka Goma da aka shuka Gyaɗa, dake Karnaya da kuma wata Gonar mai Eka 25 da aka shuka shinkafa.

Daga bisani Maigirma Gwamnan ya kai irin wannan makamanciyar ziyarar a garuruwan Kude da Yargaba dake Ƙaramar Hukumar Dutse.

Auwal D. Sankara (Fica),
Special Assistant to the Executive Governor of Jigawa State on New Media
(Mataimaki na Musamman ga Maigirma Gwamnan Jihar Jigawa a Sabbin Kafafen Sadarwa)




Troops of 222 Battalion, 4 Brigade Nigerian Army involved in the field training exercise of Operation CROCODILE SMILE have also been conducting patrols and raids.

Today, the troops carried out patrols through Edje-Ewu-Opere waterside and Araya communities in Ughelli South and Isoko South Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Delta State.

As part of the training programme, the exercising unit would continue to dominate the general  area with patrols and raids of reported or suspected hideouts of criminals. Reconnaissance is also ongoing to detect the site of economic sabotage on NPDC/shoreline pipeline along Ogor-Oteri swamps in Ughelli South and Ughelli North LGAs by some criminals.

Similarly, following intelligence report, a robust patrol team was despatched to raid suspected criminal hideouts at Ehweru community in Ughelli North LGA this morning.  The team was able to track down and arrested hoodlums known for terrorising commuters plying the East-West road between Ughelli to Patani. The patrol team arrested 5 suspects which include Messrs Oruno Egbede, Atiyoyo Rewemuesere, Peter Kehinde, Wilson Godbless and Friday Odede. They also recovered1Locally made gun, 1 dagger and a cutlass from the suspects. 

At about 3.45am earlier today, another patrol team of the unit raided  house number 4, Temile Street off Egor road in Ughelli, which served as the residence of Mr. Gabriel Ogbudje (a supposedly ex-militant leader) and now leader of the Otugas Fire Force (a new militant group in the Niger Delta). Although still at large, he is suspected to be responsible for the recent acts of economic sabotage perpetrated at NPDC/shoreline major delivery trunk line within Ogor-oteri communities on 29th August 2016.

However, Messrs Vincent Ekeke and Henry Koko alongside Mrs. Racheal Abbah and Mrs. Amaratefa Odada found at the residence were invited for questioning, while efforts are ongoing to track down the wanted suspect.

The troops will continue to maintain vigilance, carry out raids and patrols as part of the training exercise in the general area as part of their routine activities to improve proficiency and professionalism.

Thank you for your usual and kind cooperation.

Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman
Acting Director Army Public Relations


Doyin Okupe slams PDP Board of Trustees for poorly handling the current crisis in the party

Former Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Doyin Okupe has slammed the members of the PDP Board of Trustee, for poorly handling the crisis rocking the party. Okupe accused the Board of taking sides in the crises instead of finding a lasting solution to the already flammable situation. Read what he wrote on his facebook page below;


Once again the Leadership of the PDP as represented by the highly esteemed members of the BOT have manifested an inexplicable and tragic error of judgement in handling the current crisis in the party.
This sad commentary from the BOT is a Florrie sign of the total absence of real politicians in our political framework. Politicians with deftness, sagacity, skillful capabilities have become rare in our parties and political institutions.
What we now have is a demoralising relic of the fake creations and impostors who have cornered the political arena in the last two decades. 

Politicians who cannot talk with each other or to the electorate. Politicians who do not negotiate or mediate. Politicians who must win and be on the winning side always. Politicians who will talk from both sides of their mouths and whose positions changes as frequently as the availability of financial sponsors for different reasons and rationale. Politicians who do not stand for anything. 

The BOT is the conscience of the party and the ultimate mediator in all internal squabbles. Now the same BOT publicly takes a stand with one side in a crisis clearly bereft of any solution. After two unsuccessful conventions, with members of the BOT fully participating in all and even as major contender for political offices, the bot chairman gleefully announces plans and venue of another convention without paying due attention to the insurmountable problems which caused the previous two to fail. 

The next two gubernatorial elections are few weeks away, and we have two candidates in each state, yet our leaders are comfortable taking sides. 

The more I look at this the more I am convinced that the boat being paddled by these our leaders is heading for the rocks. No wonder Chief Do-or-die and Bode George are singing to high heavens that The current National chairman, Senator Sheriff is the best thing that ever happened to PDP. 

I appeal to all ordinary men and women and people, like me who have devoted the last 16/17odd years to nurturing the PDP in various capacities and states to come together quickly, take our destinies in our hands and decide what we shall do with PDP. 

Our governors have failed us, our institutional leaders have failed us, our structures can no longer sustain us, but the Almighty God who was with this party at the beginning, before greed, arrogance, complacency, and political folly and carelessness derailed us, is still alive to lift us out of this self created political dungeon. 

Let all men who fear God, and of good will link up and team together for this salvage mission. Our people and followers deserve it and our nascent democracy need it. Our nation will prosper once again with this political platform.


First Bank Senior Officers Forge Signature to take over Farm Tank

The Intelligence Department of the Nigerian Police Force, Zone 10, in Abuja has revealed through its investigation that certain First Bank of Nigeria (FBN) principal officers, Kunle Awojobi, Managing Director of FBN trustee, and others forged the signature of Ola Olaniran, Operational Director of Zone 4 Energy Limited, on some documents used to obtain an order to take over the farm tank of Zone 4 Energy Limited over an alleged non-payment of a loan.​

FBN had approached the court in July through its receiver, Emmanuel Oyebanji, to obtain a court order to take over the Zone 4 Energy tank farm located in the Calabar Free Trade Zone and to freeze the account of the company. Justice Saliu Sahidu of Federal High Coourt in Ikoyi granted the order.  

The affected company filed a motion to discharge the order through its lawyer Lanre Ogunlesi, alleging that the order was obtained in error and that the day of execution of the order had elapsed. Mr. Ogunlesi argued that his client never received notice of this action.

Justice Abdul Aziz Anka of the same court ruled against the order when he ordered that some of the assets claimed by First Bank Plc. be relinquished to Chukelad Nigeria Limited, a third party in trade with Zone 4 Energy. 2,804,735 liters of Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) and 1,927,727 liters of Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK) were to be evacuated from the tank farm belonging Zone 4 Energy Limited. He adjourned ruling until September 8, 2016.

The Nigerian Police Force's Criminal Investigation Department has now revealed that the tank farm was received with fictitious documents. 

In addition, on August 26, 2016, two First Bank employees, Ayodele Ogunlana and Razak Yussuf, were arrested by the police at the premises of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Okotiebo and were subsequently taken to the police for questioning. They were later asked to sign an undertaking stating that they would appear at the Zone A police station in Abuja the following day.

It was reliably gathered that they will be charged to court soon. 



Flavour acquires 2015 Polaris Slingshot Car (Photos)

Highlife musician, Flavour has acquired the customized 2015 Polaris Slingshot Three-Wheeler automobile. See one more photo…


VIDEO]: Nigeria has vibrant developers and entrepreneurial IT ecosystem - Mark Zuckerberg

[VIDEO]: Nigeria has vibrant developers and entrepreneurial IT ecosystem - Mark Zuckerberg


Annular Eclipse To Hit Nigeria Tomorrow

National Space Research and Development Agency (NSRDA) has urged the public not to panic over the Annular Eclipse which will be experienced between the hours of 7:15am and 10:03am on Thursday, September 1 with slight variations in actual timing across the country.

In a press statement by the Head of Media and Corporate Communications, Dr Felix Ale, the Agency appealed to the general public not to panic or adduce any mystical interpretations to this event, urging them not to observe the eclipse with Nakked eyes, as this can cause damage.

According to the statement, in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, there will be a partial eclipse, with an obscurity of 60 per cent, and the first contact at about 7:17am, with maximum eclipse at 8:32am and end at 10:00am.

Also, Lagos will experience its first contact with the eclipse at 7:15am, with a maximum eclipse occurring at 8:32am and ending at about 10:00am.

The Agency has arranged a viewing centre tomorrow to enable members of the public, pupils and students from various schools to view the eclipse using specially designed viewing instruments provided by the space Agency.

The viewing centre which has been set up by the Agency will be open to the public on Thursday 1st September, 2016 from 6:45am for school pupils and students to observe the annular eclipse as part of its continuous programmes to expose Nigerians and students to matters concerning astronomical environment.


Amaechi signs Lagos-Ibadan, Calabar-Port Harcourt rail lines(Photos)

Amaechi signs Lagos-Ibadan, Calabar-Port Harcourt rail lines

Honourable Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, flanked by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transportation, Sabiu Zakari,Managing Director, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, CCECC, Jack Li and Director, Legal Services in the Ministry, Mrs. Uche Okoro during the signing of Memorandum of Understanding for the construction of the Lagos-Ibadan and Calabar-Port Harcourt rail line, respectively, on behalf of the Federal Government at Ministry of Transportation headquarters on Wednesday, in Abuja.

Photo credits: Israel Ibeleme