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Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah while inspecting Construction Projects in his New Masters Energy Industrial City at Onuaku Uturu last weekend said that he embarked on such capital intensive Projects to reduce the raising rate of unemployment.

Dr. Ogah expressed optimism that his new Industrial city will reduce unemployment especially in the South-East region.   In his words; "The New Masters Energy Industrial City will Create huge Employment for my people. I have a design to accommodate all region but I will ensure Local content. My people will benefit more and it will help reduce the rate at which Abains travel out in search of greener pasture. You see! Young people are Willing and ready to work but no job anywhere, they keep moving from East to West, from North to South in search of these job and these makes many of them become frustrated and  Vulnerable  to all forms of attack and some will even take to crime. Other state Governments offered me Lands to build this Industry but i told my Team that it most be cited in Abia"
The Industrial city will be among the First 5 biggest Industrial Cities in Africa and first of its kind in South-East Nigeria houses more than 10 Factories which include; Lubricants, Grease,  Bottle Water, Juice, Noodles, Rubber and an Assembly Plant. Others are Fertilizer, Vegetables,Rice, Assorted Wines and Tyre Plants.
Mazi Ogah called on Government at all levels to assist small and medium scale industries to reduce dependency on importation.
He that production will boost Nigerias Economy, create more jobs and encourage exportation of our local goods.
Masters Energy Group is a Reputable Oil and Gas Firm which has dominated the downstream sector of oil and gas.
The Group has interest (Subsidiaries) in dredging, Shipping, Securities, Aviation and Logistics, Banking, Transportation and Haulage, Contruction, food and Commodities.
The company currently has a workforce of 42,00 and hoping to hit 80,000 workforce before the year 2020'.

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