Lauretta Onochie:'President Buhari Has Killed God-fatherism In APC & Nigeria

A piece written by Buhari's aide Lauretta Onochie.Is he referring to Tinubu and his loyalists?Read the article below.....
GOOD JOB #TeamBuhari!
Is there anyone who still think that President Buhari is not a politician?
President Buhari has great respect for everyone, well, not for kleptomaniacs with leperous  fingers for stealing public funds.
That Baba has respect for APC party leaders is not in doubt. This does not mean that they will not disagree from time to time as even blood families sometimes disagree.

In these perceived disagreements, he would always be the one seen to be standing for the interest of ordinary Nigerians thereby showing that he truly understand the meaning of politics and can play world class politics. This he has exhibited by burying godfatherism in Edo and Ondo states.
Anyone else who dares to take the credit for APC's success in Ondo State must also take the credit for the success recorded in Edo state. In a clean political environment, what wins elections is not power and might but brain power based tactics.

He has achieved this by just being the honest leader that he is and assembling the best hands to work with him. Not by meddling and having no regards for the rule of law.
Lawlessness was the same thing we all condemned and still condemn about the PDP but which some of us want President Buhari to emulate. God forbid!
What PDP's era taught us was not politics. It was thuggery, hooliganism and touting.
President Buhari will not condescend into arm-twisting, thuggery, unlawful manipulations and lawlessness in order to be seen to be playing politics, crude politics.

Pres. Buhari is teaching us politics with a human face. Politics is about serving people and respect for the people we are elected or appointed to serve.
Politics is not the overbearing thuggery, intimidation and bullying we make it out to be.
Politics is not where Godfathers decide who runs for political offices and who wins.
Pres. Buhari has given power back to the citizens of the Nigerian nation. Our nation is on the mend. Anyone can now run for an elective office and the person chosen by the majority of the people, will be victorious.

We will recover the other states in the most delightful and surprising way. Good job #TeamBuhari. You know yourselves. Many thanks.
God bless Nigeria.
God bless us Everyone.

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