Buhari's Resume Or Resign Protest:Man Lands In Hospital After Being Brutalised And Teargassed By Police(Photos)

As shared by Jude....

   'I just left Theophilus Abu Agada who is currently lying brutalised at Head of Service clinic, Federal Secretariat.

    He was rushed to the clinic unconscious after series of teargas canisters were shot at the #ResumeOrResign protesters at pointblank range by men and officers of Nigeria Police Force.

   The clinic which is a federal government facility located right inside the federal secretariat is in pitch darkness and the staff have to work with light generated, distributed and transmitted from our phones.

    Such a big shame to this government!

    Meanwhile, we commend the medical staff for rising to the occasion and working assiduously to revive Theo despite the obvious handicap they faced in a very unwholesome working condition.

  Theo is getting better though and will certainly leave the clinic shortly.

   Olome Ochonogor Joseph and Brian Jonah Dennis, thanks guys'