Another Fallen Hero:Boko Haram Kill Nigerian Soldier Billy In Borno(Photos)


A Nigerian man named Valentine has taken to social media to share the last moment he had with his soldier friend who was killed by Boko Haram on April 14 in Maiduguri.Below is what he wrote(I feel like crying after reading it).....


Soldier Chocho I teased, knowing how jocular his response would be, and boooom oga Val the CEO of MUMOMS" he shot, and we both burst into that kind of laughter that ask the question "WHEN ARE WE EVEN SEEING AGAIN MY FRIEND?
BILLY: Val I come south not long ago o, but my brother I just hurried up and came back to North East if not I for like to come see you my oga

ME: Billy you see your life ba?na when you don go back to maiduguri you go remember me

BILLY:NO worry by the grace of God I go soon leave here, and I dey see am say I go enter port Harcourt sef so I must come Asaba to see you

ME: No wahala. May God be with you in that Borno o! as you go safely,you go return safely too o!

BILLY: Amen pastor Val the MUMOMS boss
.and that laugh again
ME: Oya na. Take care. I dey go studio go collect my work when I edit

BILLY:Abeg as you collect am,just send to me quick quick make I see wetin my superstar don do

ME: No wahala. Bye fr now

BILLY:Never go. Call me for video make we see ourselves

ME: ohhhhh Billy you don start o
.then I called. The moment the video connected, he burst into his normal cheer and I joined him. Then usually, we caught up so much on old times,we talked about my dread which I cut in 2015.We talked about my visit to his hometown Wareke which he invited me and I visited in 2014, where I met his parents,his big sis who is also a soldier,we talked about his semblance with Mutiu his immediate younger bro,and kadiri the home youngest.He also rebuked me for not knowing his wife and children after many years and I apologized,and promised to come and see them all on his next visit. We were on for more than an hour,and as usual Billy was all cheers.We talked about a few more things then I pleaded to leave and he agreed because he was going to get some medications for the IDPs  (HE'S  a medical personnel).
Only for me to come on facebook at about 7pm on Monday 16th April 2018 to see some people posting my friends pix. I thought it was his promotion,but when I read and saw rip I died and woke up. My heart skipped 12 beats. I had goose pimples all over. RI what?for who? I quickly rushed my phone and called but his 2 lines were off.I ran to whatsapp and started sending him messages but non delivered. I didn't know that one of the best friends I will ever have had died in the arms of the boko Haram terrorists since Saturday 14th April.I cried, I begged.Oh Chocho Billy.Man of the people. My ever cheerful good friend.My greatest confidant.Chocho my partner in success.Since yesterday 16th April something huge left me.Chocho is gone.All the plans we made,everything we discussed burnt away with him like a candle in the wind.Life dealt me a crazy blow with this. I have decided never to use WAS for Billy, because to me,he lives. My eyes are sore. My legs are really weak.My heart is sinking.My very person is disorganized.Chocho why you,and why now DonChocho.Should I say RIP at the end of this?. well it's hard, but rip Billi. We would surely see again that's the truth.I miss u and forever will.Please friends as you pray for the repose of his soul,as you pray for his wife and kids,as you pray for his aged parents and siblings,please pray for me as well.I am deeply injured.Please pray I heal.My shirtless pictures show how I've been since the past 14 hours'


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