Names Of Victims Killed By Fulani Herdsmen In Benue State Yesterday Released


This is St. Ignatius Catholic mission church where the pogrom on Benue people was committed yesterday in Gwer-East LGA of Benue state by Fulani herdsmen.

Some of ths names of those killed by Fulani herdsmen  between 4 :30 am and 5:45 am during an early morning mass in the Catholic Church, Ayar - Mbalom, Gwer East, Local Government, Benue State have been released.See below...

1. Rev Fr Gor
2. Rev Fr Felix Tyolaha
3. Micheal Tor
4. Ape Chia
5. Judith Tyozee
6. Tyolaha Bee
7. Kimbir Bee
8. Iorlaha Kazevee
9. Saaondo Bee
10. Peter Dick
11. Begi Nomor
12. Sabastine Michi
13. Uba Tyorkishu
14. John Ivor
15. David Liamzua
16. Saaondo Zahemen

May their souls find rest with God Almighty.

Photos of the church is also attached


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