Nigerian police shoot man dead,say it was accidental discharge(Graphic Photos)


A Nigerian man named Pedro who from Delta who lives in Lagos has taken to Facebook to cry out after police allegedly shot his friend dead and said it was accidental discharge.Below is what he wrote...

'Police shot and killed my friend and college claiming it was accidental discharge.

Banana  Republic.

Some Animals are more equal than the others.

Nigeria Police have now legalized illegalities thriving on the alter of impunity.

Shackles gang my ankles!

Who will provide the balms that would soothe these wounds?

Is it not time we keep vigil against those bold ravaging legalized terrorist and enemies of the common men?

I swear, today NPF celebrates their ill victories but in no time, their shadows will begin to hunt them.

Instead of protecting lives and properties, Nigeria Police enjoy taking lives and stealing more than the criminals.

They can do most unimaginable things and get away with them. But the have forgotten that God is not dead. He’s very much alive and watching. The pampered child will always find hardships in the absence of his/her parents.  Nothing last forever.

What a pity!

Farewell my Unsung Gallant Friend.

Merciful God, grant Eternal Rest to the faithful departed IJN. Amen?'


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