See how a Zambian based Nigerian pastor made a homeless man rich by bathing him with money(Photos)


Lusaka based Nigerian pastor Prophet Seer1 has narrated how he made a homeless man millionaire in his church by bathing him with money in his church.In part he wrote...

'A young boy visited the service and as the service was going on God moved me to Prophesy to him.

Those in the service last Sunday heard this testimony as I was preaching.

As I located the boy I began to Prophesy to him.

Hey boy, you are homeless!
He replied yes sir.

But the Lord has told me to bath you with money because 30 days from now you will become a millionaire.

Without wasting time I began to bath him with money of different currencies and God said, it's enough, I stopped and he went back to his seat.

After the service he went and played Lotto and when the results came out, he won 13.000 million.

Within the space of few minutes God changed a street boy to a millionaire.

It's not luck!
It's an act of the prophet.

Even as I vomited your millions on Sunday, everyone that scrambled and picked up any of that money has instantly become a millionaire. Just watch and see'.


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