Man narrates how soldiers shot his uncle dead in Jos because of Unijos students(Photos)


A man Identified as David took to Facebook to narrate how his uncle was shot dead by soldiers in Jos.According to him,he was shot dead when soldiers came looking for Unijos students who hid in his house for safety.Below is what he wrote...

'My uncle got hit last night. He was visited at home by uniformed men, there was curfew in that area. He lives close to Tina Junction around great commission. He was at home with his wife, some Unijos students and some people who have come to the house to seek cover from the crisis. There were several knocks at his gate, he went to open after discovering they were uniformed men. Fully kitted Nigerian Soldiers. He was shot on the chest, the bullet came out from the other side. It must be a shot from a professional. He died.

The most interesting part of this story is that they didn’t proceed inside to kill every other persons in the house. The men left after hitting their target. The head of the house is dead.

My questions:
1. Are some people usually targeted in every crisis in Jos?
2. Who is paying these soldiers to kill instead of protecting?
3. Why keep people indoor in the name of curfew and then have them killed in their homes?
4. Is Jos crisis a religious crisis?
5. Do we have assassins operating in military uniforms? If yes, how do the uniforms get leaked?

Today is a black day for the family'


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