More facts emerge as 2016 photos of thugs beating the man who was stabbed dead by wife in Benue emerge(Photos)


More facts have emerged as 2016 throwback photos of thugs beating the man who was stabbed dead by wife in Benue emerge.Below is what Comrade Anyamhur wrote


The social media is awashed with the devastating news of a housewife allegedly gruesomely killing her husband, 3 kids and finally committing suicide at the hours of 9pm yesterday at V/kya street, Makurdi,Benue State.

I find this news not only absurd but with lots of suspicion.

My private investigation shows that the husband, Nicholas Mlanga Adetsav,a staff of Mkd KGA wedde
d his wife on the 15/7/2011.
No records show that there was a running battle nor a bestial animosity between the couple.
However, the man had a misunderstanding with politicians sometime in 2014 as reported on the wall of one of his Facebook friends, Tion Paul Tyover.He maintained that,"Thugs beating up Nick Adetsav and  Terkura Adzu in front of the Caretaker chairman".

This provides a good clue for investigation if we truly have a responsible and responsive government.

People use political eras to settle personal scores.These are days of politics.Anything can happen. I suspect a foul play here. The security agents should with immediate alacrity do the needful'


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