Today's bible teaching: Do not plot to repeat a sin; even for one, you will not go unpunished


Sirach Chapter 7 Vs 1-17


1Do no evil, and evil will not overtake you;*

2avoid wickedness, and it will turn away from you.

3Do not sow in the furrows of injustice,

lest you harvest it sevenfold.a

4Do not seek from God authority

or from the king a place of honor.

5Do not parade your righteousness before the LORD,

and before the king do not flaunt your wisdom.b

6Do not seek to become a judge

if you do not have the strength to root out crime,

Lest you show fear in the presence of the prominent

and mar your integrity.

7Do not be guilty of any evil before the city court

or disgrace yourself before the assembly.

8Do not plot to repeat a sin;

even for one, you will not go unpunished.

9Do not say, “He will appreciate my many gifts;

the Most High God will accept my offerings.”c

10Do not be impatient in prayer

or neglect almsgiving.

11Do not ridicule the embittered;

Remember: there is One who exalts and humbles.*

12Do not plot mischief against your relative

or against your friend and companion.

13Refuse to tell lie after lie,

for it never results in good.

14Do not babble in the assembly of the elders

or repeat the words of your prayer.* d

15Do not hate hard work;

work was assigned by God.e

16Do not esteem yourself more than your compatriots;

remember, his wrath will not delay.

17More and more, humble your pride;

what awaits mortals is worms


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