Today's bible teaching: Christians were dead but now risen with Christ



Its very unfortunate many Christians do not know who they are because of ignorance that's why the unbelievers are just tossing them here and there. No wonder the Lord said in Hosea 4:6 'My people are doomed for lack of knowledge' . 

Christians this is who you are according to Ephesians.

1.Blessed in everything - Eph 1:3
2. Redeemed by His blood Eph 1:7
3. We have an inheritance Eph 1:11
4. Sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise. Eph 1:13
5. You were dead but now risen with Christ Eph 2:1-2
6. Risen with Jesus above every power and principalities Eph 2:6
7. God's craftmanship and workmanship  created unto good works Eph 2:10
8. You belong to the commowealth of Israel -Eph 2:12
9. You are a citizen of heaven - Eph 2:19
10. The Church is a Mystery hidden to Prophets like Daniel but revealed to Paul Eph 3:1-9 and Daniel 12:4, 9

If you are a Christian and you key into this truth nothing would shake you in life, you will continue to be the head and not the tail.

Credit: Azzaman Azzaman


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