Today's bible teaching: But David encouraged himself in the LORD his God


*1 Samuel 30:6 - ..."But David encouraged himself in the LORD his God."*

When David and his men returned home from the battlefield they discovered that their city had been burned and their families taken captive by the Amalekites. At this point, David and his men were worried and perplexed, but David had to encourage himself in the Lord.

One of the most discouraging times in our life is when we go through the hour of fear, terror, sickness, anxiety and distress. The fact of the matter is that during this period we wage war against ourselves.

Yes we are in hard and tough time, but no matter the present situation of things globally, the best thing for us is to inspire and encourage ourselves in the Lord. When we are discouraged, we can't hear from God, we can't hear the positive aspect of life.

Beloved, be encouraged, because encouraged people will smile even in the face of trouble. But, discouraged people  wear a frown. Don't wait for somebody to come and encourage you, rather go on and encourage yourself in the Lord.

Decide that circumstances will not enslave your soul no matter what. All that you are passing through shall end in praise to His matchless Name alone. Amen!


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