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After being treated as an outcast in Nigeria,man born with facial tumour reaches 4th year in medical school in USA(Photos)

There is really ability in disability.Nigerian man Victor Chukwueke has shocked everyone by reaching 4-yr in medical school in USA after being rejected in Nigeria because he was born with a severe facial tumour that gave his face a bad cosmetic appearance.Below is what IG user miracles and messes wrote...

'Against All Odds: Victor Chukwueke, who was born in Nigeria with face tumors, is now a 4th year med student at University of Toledo.

He was treated like an outcast his home country but he didn't lash out at the world. He found love in the hands of strangers and now he's ready to help others in the same country where he was rejected'

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Pastor Adeboye's Wife & Others Inaugurate The Special Marshal Unit Of FRSC Mowe Unit Command(Pics)

Pastor (Mrs.) Folu Adeboye (Mummy G.O), FRSC Ogun State Sector Commander, Corps Commander Clement Oladele, Zonal Coordinator of Special Marshals, Alhaji Toyin Kadiku and other senior personnel of FRSC yesterday inaugurated the Special Marshal Unit of FRSC Mowe Unit Command and decorated new Special Marshals of Dove Unit, Redemption Camp, Mowe, Ogun State.

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Nigerian Man Living In Brazil Donates N180k To Man Who Has No Money To Start His Business(Photos)

A Nigerian man living in Brazil has come to the aid of a 22-yr old Imo state boy from a poor family in Umunakanu,Ehime Mbano LGA ,Imo State who finished learning a job without any money to start up the business.

According to Ifeanyi who shared the story,Nnaemeka James Okeagu finished learning a trade ( Aluminium work) that he can use to earn a living and sustain his life and that of his family after spending years in the secondary school without anybody to sponsor him for further education.The young Nnaemeka resorted to learn art work;  the fabrication of aluminium, fixing of windows, doors and rails but on graduation from training, the family could not afford to raise capital for him to start his trade. Out of frustration and to survive the challenging situation, James has no other option than  to start  climbing palm trees to cut palm fruits for families who pay him N50 or N100 per palm tree.

After narrating his ordeals to a Facebook user Ifeanyi and informing him of his plan to go back to his aluminium work immediately he save enough money from climbing palm trees,Ifeanyi shared the story on on FB and within some days,an Imo son, Sam Okoli from far away Brazil sent  Ifeanyi a Facebook message.Below is the message..

"I am touched by Nnaemeka's story.The reason why GOD bless people is for them to also be a blessing to others. Tears dropped my eyes as I read that story.
Look no further, He shall go back to his handiwork.
Send me your account details but Please watch him closely to be sure the money is used for the purpose it was given.You are a Good Man.Thank you for bringing this to public notice.It is well".

I couldn't believe it. Few minutes later,  Mr Okoli, aka Senator,a name he bears in his University days at Abia State University sent a another message to Ifeanyi which reads..

"Done.Acknowledge the receipt of 180k.He can use the 20k he saved for some other personal stuffs. Accept the assurances of my sincere regards.Thank you for giving me a platform to assist."

Shocked by the speed of the development,Ifeanyi immediately acknowledged the receipt and drove to Umunakanu ,Ehime Mbano LGA ,Imo State to hand over the sum of N180,000 to the family of  the young boy before his mother and sick father. It was all Joy and heaven was a witness. To God alone be the glory.

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Today's bible teaching:God have granted him his heart’s desire;God did not refuse the request of his lips.

Psalms, Chapter 21


1For the leader. A psalm of David.


2LORD, the king finds joy in your power;a

in your victory how greatly he rejoices!

3You have granted him his heart's desire;

you did not refuse the request of his lips.


4For you welcomed him with goodly blessings;

you placed on his head a crown of pure gold.

5He asked life of you;

you gave it to him,

length of days forever.b

6Great is his glory in your victory;

majesty and splendor you confer upon him.

7You make him the pattern of blessings forever,

you gladden him with the joy of your face.

8For the king trusts in the LORD,

stands firm through the mercy of the Most High.


9Your hand will find all your enemies;

your right hand will find your foes!

10At the time of your coming

you will make them a fiery furnace.

Then the LORD in his anger will consume them,

devour them with fire.

11Even their descendants you will wipe out from the earth,

their offspring from the human race.

12Though they intend evil against you,

devising plots, they will not succeed,

13For you will put them to flight;

you will aim at their faces with your bow.


14Arise, LORD, in your power!c

We will sing and chant the praise of your might.

* [Psalm 21] The first part of this royal Psalm is a thanksgiving (Ps 21:28), and the second is a promise that the king will triumph over his enemies (Ps 21:913). The king's confident prayer (Ps 21:35) and trust in God (Ps 21:8) enable him to receive the divine gifts of vitality, peace, and military success. Ps 21:14 reprises Ps 21:2. When kings ceased in Israel after the sixth century B.C., the Psalm was sung of a future Davidic king.

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U.S Supplies Army Humvee Vehicles To ECOWAS To Speed Up Jammeh's Removal(Pics)

U.S Army Humvee vehicles were supplied to the Senegalese army as part of the Excess Defense Articles (EDA) program speed into Gambia to support an ECOWAS initiative to remove ex-president and rebel leader Yahya Jammeh.

Also in a confusing turn of events, the Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) of thee Gambia Armed Forces, Ousman Badjie was pictured celebrating with the jubilant crowds at Westfield in Serrekunda as the Senegalese and ECOWAS forces speed towards Gambia.

Jammeh is a goner!

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The Nigerian Air Force officers have arrived Dakar,Senegal,for the task of removing Gambian rebel Yahya Jammeh.

See photos below

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First Photo Of ECOWAS Troops Entering Gambia To Remove Rebel Yahya Jammeh

Below is the first mages of Senegalese and ECOWAS troops entering Gambia to remove the ex-president and rebel leader Yahya Jammeh.According to sources,the Gambian army is not offering any resistance and are in no mood for a fight.

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Fatal Accident Along Elele Road,Rivers State,Many Killed,Others Injured(Photos)

According to Orlumatic Endurance/AFN,a fatal accident involving RTC bus happened along Isiokpo Elele road, Rivers State yesterday.Many were killed while others were injured.

See photos below

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James Abati graduates from University of Hull,UK(Pic)

James Abati, LL.B, LL.M, B.L with his brother, Daniel and their cousin, Usman Onibudo at LL.M graduation ceremony, University of Hull, UK, Class of 2016, today  19th January, 2017.

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