Sunday, 20 August 2017

Suspected Kidnapper Caught In Lagos,Almost Killed By Mob(Pics,Video)

   A suspected kidnapper was caught yesterday in Orile,Lagos.He was almost killed by mob before Hon. Otunba Ishola Ibrahim Obanla intervened.
   The suspected kidnapper wore 3 different cloths together with a black Toy Gun, 2 different ID CARDS, a yam & bread in a black sack.
   The little boy he was alleged to have kidnapped was rescued from a big sack where he kept him. Residents of the Street named “OSHODI STREET” in Orile, Lagos State were alerted by passers-by when they noticed the suspicious movement of the alleged kidnapper. He was searched and all the above listed items were found in his custody including the kidnapped boy in a big sack.
  The aggrieved residents almost took the law into their hands as they started throwing stones at him, hitting him with clubs and different dangerous weapons with the aim of lynching him to death before Hon. Ibrahim Obanla intervened.

Today's prayer:O Shepherd of Israel, lend an ear, you who guide Joseph like a flock!

Psalms 80

1 For the leader; according to "Lilies." Eduth.* A psalm of Asaph.


2O Shepherd of Israel, lend an ear,

you who guide Joseph like a flock!

Seated upon the cherubim, shine fortha

3upon Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh.

Stir up your power, and come to save us.

4bO God, restore us;

light up your face and we shall be saved.


5LORD of hosts,

how long will you smolder in anger

while your people pray?c

6You have fed them the bread of tears,

made them drink tears in great measure.*d

7You have left us to be fought over by our neighbors;

our enemies deride us.e

8O God of hosts, restore us;

light up your face and we shall be saved.


9You brought a vine* out of Egypt;

you drove out nations and planted it.

10You cleared out what was before it;

it took deep root and filled the land.

11The mountains were covered by its shadow,

the cedars of God by its branches.

12It sent out its boughs as far as the sea,*

its shoots as far as the river.*

13Why have you broken down its walls,

so that all who pass along the way pluck its fruit?f

14The boar from the forest strips the vine;

the beast of the field feeds upon it.g

15Turn back again, God of hosts;

look down from heaven and see;

Visit this vine,

16the stock your right hand has planted,

and the son* whom you made strong for yourself.

17Those who would burn or cut it down—

may they perish at your rebuke.

18May your hand be with the man on your right,*

with the son of man whom you made strong for yourself.

19Then we will not withdraw from you;

revive us, and we will call on your name.

20LORD God of hosts, restore us;

light up your face and we shall be saved.

* [Psalm 80] A community lament in time of military defeat. Using the familiar image of Israel as a vineyard, the people complain that God has broken down the wall protecting the once splendid vine brought from Egypt (Ps 80:914). They pray that God will again turn to them and use the Davidic king to lead them to victory (Ps 80:1519).

Saturday, 19 August 2017

IPOB Has Not Cancelled Anambra Election Boycott, Decision Not Reached- Prof Nwala 

The media was agog yesterday, Friday, following the meeting of the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Maazi Nnamdi Kanu and the Leadership of the Ala-Igbo Development Foundation, with reports that Nnamdi Kanu had withdrawn his threat to boycott Anambra state election.

According to reports, the President of the organization, Prof. Uzodimma Nwala was quoted as saying “after much deliberation, IPOB has assured it won’t disrupt Anambra state governorship election.”

However, the statement accredited to Prof Uzodimma in media reports is a contrasting twist to what both Nnamdi Kanu and Prof Uzodimma stated, briefly after the meeting.

According to Nnamdi Kanu, “IPOB is not a violent organization” and therefore, will not apply force on voters as the group is confident the boycott will be carried out willingly and peacefully by the Anambra people; both its members and sympathizers of the Biafra cause.

He however, hinted of some possibility of shift in position by assuring he would “meet with the leadership of IPOB” for consultation.

His words: “I came because of my respect for elders. IPOB is not a violent group. We are law abiding citizens of the society.

“What we have today will guide us in the issue of Anambra election. I will go and meet with the leadership of IPOB.”

On his part, Prof Uzodimma, was not assuring on the resolution of both groups at the end of the meeting.

He said, “As you see in our midst, you see our brother, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, we have come to discuss the issue of mutual concern, especially on Anambra election. We are happy he is here with us.

“As we know, the IPOB decision on boycott of election and you know that IPOB is an organized group and the agitations born out of marginalization of the Igbo.

“We are glad he has explained to us the reason they issued the boycott order and that it is not his personal decision but that of the IPOB leadership. We are meeting for the first time and will meet again. No decision has been taken.”

Northern APC Leaders To PDP:Stop Throwing Stone At Buhari

Prominent Northern leaders on Saturday refuted claims by some
politicians in the country who are branding the All Progressives
Congress (APC) government as clueless, commending the ruling party for
providing the insight and leadership to achieve prosperity in Nigeria.

The leaders also praised the ruling party for sanitizing the polity,
reversing Nigeria’s economic decline and restoring law and order in
the country.

“The APC government is not clueless. It is on course to creating an
inclusive and broad based economy that offers opportunities and jobs
to all our people” the leaders said.

The leaders who were in Abuja to take the temperature of Nigeria and
to look back over the past 18 years said Nigeria can only be developed
through sacrifice, hard work, dedication and commitment from its
people at all levels.

The leaders in a communiqué issued after the meeting in Abuja
commended the ruling party for lifting Nigerians out of destitution
and presenting a clear policy to tackle the economic challenges in the

“APC remains focused and visionary. Nigeria is moving at multiple
levels. There is a concentrated effort to purge corruption in the
country” the leaders said.

The communiqué was read by the chairman of APC United Front, Alhaji
Ibrahim Musa.

The leaders praised the ruling party for rescuing Nigeria from the
excesses of democracy under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

They described the 16 years of PDP government as a political
earthquake in Nigeria’s history,

“There was poverty, falling living standards of the ordinary people,
environmental destruction, trouble in North-East, huge unemployment,
broken infrastructure and massive corruption. There was decrepit in
health and educational institutions. Nigeria’s economic situation
suffered decline. PDP lacks fresh ideas” they said.

Specifically, the leaders emphasized how PDP turned the nation into
economic mess.

They condemned in strongest terms the egregious display of hatred,
narrow-mindedness and meanness by Goodluck Jonathan, Ayo Fayose,
Willie Obiano, Nyesom Wike, Femi Fani-Kayode, Ebenezer Babatope, Reno
Omokri, Timi Frank and Mr. Pharez Okpere.

The leaders also commended the National Chairman of APC, Chief
Odigie-Oyegun for his vision, which is anchored on unity of purpose
and the desire to work together in order to move Nigeria to an era of
economic and political transformation.

“Chief John Odigie-Oyegun is selfless, disciplined and result
oriented. He has become the standard by which political party chairmen
are measured in and outside Africa. The APC national chairman is
thinking outside the box and consolidating the ruling party.”

The leaders while urging members of the civil society, the press and
others not to join critics of President Muhammadu Buhari and APC in
damaging Nigeria’s name on the world stage said the disagreement among
major political actors in some APC states would not affect the
electoral fortune of the party.

“We are opposed to leadership that focuses on enriching itself. APC is
giving effect to the will of the people and will continue in Gombe,
Taraba, Kaduna, Kano, Kogi, Bauchi, Katsina, Benue and Jigawa. It will
form the next government in Abia, Enugu, Ebonyi Delta, Bayelsa,
Anambra, Ekiti and Osun.”

President Buhari Returns To Nigeria After His Medical Trip In London(Photos)

President Muhammadu Buhari today returned to Nigeria after his medical vacation in London. The president just landed at the Presidential wing of Nnamdi Azikwe Innternational Airport Abuja. Among the dignitaries who received him is the Governor of Kano, His Excellency Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje OFR.

Rivers Police Arrest Ritualist,Recover Dead Body(PHOTOS)

In reply please quote: PORT HARCOURT.

Ref: AZ:5250/RVS/PRD/VOL.10/145



  Today 19/8/2017 at about 0130hrs Men of the Okporo Police  Station arrested one Ifeanyi Chukwu Maxwell Dike,male,23yrs of  Messiah Street  Eliozu Port Harcourt, who yesterday abducted  one Chikamso Victory,female,8yrs of the same address. The little girl  was abducted, defiled and killed, while her vagina, eyes, tongue  and breast were removed and put in a polythene bag. The suspect  was going to dispose of the body, when he was arrested by the  local Vigilante that suspected his movement. On being  questioned  the suspect dropped the bag and took to flight. Consequently he  was given a hot  chase and arrested. On further interrogation by  the Police, he confessed and took the Police to where the vital  organs were concealed. The body and the organs have been  recovered, paraded and deposited in the mortuary. While the  suspect is  helping us in Investigation.
2. In another development, on 18/8/17, Men of the Azikiwe Police  Station on  Stop and Search at the Eagle Island sandfill,  intercepted a Toyota Avalon salon car with Reg. No. WER 767 CN  with three occupants. Namely;

  (1) Ignatius Opara m 26yrs
(2) Aniebiet Daniel m 19yrs
(3) Lawson Basoene m 18yrs
On close observation, the Police Team noticed a difference  between the plate number and the number on the screen, which  triggered their suspicion. And on searching the car, one locally  made Pistol with two 7.62mm live Ammunition were recovered  hidden under the driver’s seat. Further interrogation revealed  that the suspects had stolen the car from where it was packed at  Amadi Ama. They are still making useful statements that will lead  to the recovery of other cars allegedly robbed by them. While  efforts are on to burst their criminal gang.


Commotion At UPP Governorship Primaries In Anambra State,One Shot Dead(Photos,Video)

    There was commotion at UPP Governorship Primaries in Anambra state today due to several irregularities.Delegates were dispersed with teargas.According to report,UPP jettisoned the original list of delegates that it was meant to be used after protests from different quarters.
  Worse, some delegates observed that they were issued fake temporary voters' cards to use. According to them, many people will bear other people’s names at the voting using the fake voters' cards.Also fake party membership cards were in circulation.
  Hours ago, police started shooting.People were pictured running helter-skelter because of the teargas fired on.One person was allegedly shot dead.
See photo of the victim below and watch the video from the scene above

UNIPORT Student Kills Little Girl For Alleged Ritual(Graphic Photos)

   A student of UNIPORT of faculty of Science by name Ifeanyi Dike, residing at Eliozu town in Obio/Akpor LGA , from mbaitolu in Iml state,allegedly killed little Miss Victory Chikamso.

   According to report, Ifeanyi called the deceased into his room and hit her with a stone. He was caught in the night while he was going to dispose the body of the girl.On interrogation,he said he was sent by a man to kill the girl for rituals but refused to give the name of the man.

Ifeanyi and the body of the
girl are currently at Okporo police station.What a wicked act!

Nigerian Man Stabbed To Death By His Girlfriend In India(Photos)

   According to the story shared by an online user,a Nigerian lguy living in India was stabbed to death today by his girlfriend.Below is what an online user wrote...

'A humble fellow who left Nigeria to India in search of a better life and then
Later fall in love with one runs girl who came to India to hustle on a street level. This early morning announced death by stab. The girlfriend send him to early grave. What a life? The picture is the victim and girlfriend'


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