Benue Rerun:David Mark's private radio station,Joy FM bars APC Candidate Onjeh related news items


Read a statement released by Onjeh Campaign Organization below.....

The Onjeh Campaign Organization (OCO) wishes to draw the attention of the good people of Benue South in particular and Nigerians in general to the very unprofessional but consistent bias reportage of political events in Benue South by Joy FM.

Before the advent of Joy FM, the people of Benue South had diverse options of electronic media (radio and television), amongst which were Radio Benue, Makurdi and Idekpa, ETV Channel 50, Enugu, Coal FM, Enugu, etc. However, in the unbridled quest of Senator David Mark to turn Benue South into a fiefdom (hegemony), he established a radio station (Joy FM) which in the first place is supposed to be a community radio as it was built from the proceeds of constituency allowance accruable to our Senatorial District.

This radio station (Joy FM) was established in a manner that its signal is deliberately super imposed to interfere with every other radio station our people had access to prior to its establishment therefore denying our people their liberty of choice in terms of electronic media selection (tuning) as the radio station is now a monstrous monopoly.

Furthermore, Senator Mark in his characteristic deceptive manner deceived the unsuspecting people of Benue South with a phantom "NTA Otukpo" which he made sure never saw the light of the day because he would not be in a position to dictate what NTA broadcast as he does at will with Joy FM.

As political activities in our Senatorial district pick up due to the recent Court of Appeal judgment nullifying the election of Senator Mark and the consequent ordering of a re-run, Joy FM guided by David Mark is back to the trenches with what it knows how to do best which is the propagation of bias, unethical, vengeful and hate messages against a political opponent.

Most shameful, is the outright rejection of sponsored news items relating to the APC Senatorial Candidate, Comrade Daniel Onjeh by his hirelings in Joy FM which is a contravention of the code of ethics of the Nigerian broadcasting Commission that has always insist that on balanced and fair political reportage.

The Organizing Secretary of OCO took a news items informing the Benue South People of the reception for Comrade Onjeh but was told point blank, that there is a standing instruction from Mrs. Helen Mark, barring any news item relating to Comrade Onjeh even as she claimed that the earlier mistakes of reportage of Electoral Court cases heightened the awareness of the people.

In the light of the foregoing, the Onjeh Campaign Organization hereby puts the general public and Joy FM on notice that just as Comrade Onjeh approached the Courts when he was shortchanged during the 2015 general elections, we are once again constrained to approach the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission to state our case with respect to negative and bias messages against us.

Comrade Matthias Omikpa


For Onjeh Campaign Organization (OCO)


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