Live Updates:President Buhari's Media Chat

President Muhammadu Buhari hosts his first presidential media chat.
Buhari answers questions from a panel of journalists on a broad range of current national issues.
The programme starts at 7pm.
On kidnapped Chibok girls:
– We are looking for a credible Boko Haram leadership that will convince us that Chibok girls are alive
Buhari: No firm intelligence as to where the Chibok girls are.
"I am honest with you, I don't know whether Chibok girls are alive."
Buhari: "We are more than willing to negotiate to the girls without compromising our National Security"
Buhari said: "I have answered questions on Chibok Girls and we know so far from our attack on Sambisa that the girls are not intact"
On selection of ministers.....
Buhari: "I did not choose any minister that has corruption case in court or that will embarrass my govt"
"If you find any of my 36 Ministers with a corruption case in court name them so I can look into it"
"My Ministers must make sure they declare their assets, that is a constitutional requirement"
On asset declaration...
Buhari: "If anyone wants to see my full asset declaration, they are free to go and ask from the agency in charge"
On not being completely transparent on his assets declaration, Buhari said: "I have declared my assets at least 4 times. If you're interested in my assets go to the ministry of justice."
On the fight against corruption...
Buhari: "The fight against corruption might take years"
Buhari: "We need the cooperation of International Financial Institutions to get data on corrupt funds"
Buahri: "Corruption in NNPC/Oil is more complicated with the involvement of International Institutions"
Buhari: "I swore by the Hold Quran to protect and obey the constitution, no one will be above the law"
Buhari: "We have to be very sure of the evidence we present to the courts regarding corrupt practices"
""By first few months in 2016 Nigerians will get more information regarding our anti corruption crusade"
Buhari urged Nigerians to be patient in the fight against corruption
Buhari: "We have recovered some stolen funds but we cant release the information until we get to court"
Buhari: "We are doing quite well in the fight against corruption, considering the circumstances we find ourselves. As a millitary leader it was possible to round people up & jail them for being corrupt, but not in a democracy"
"Everyone suspected of being corrupt are innocent until proven guilty"
"We are taking people to court for corrupt practices & I can not comment on cases that are in court"

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