PHOTOS: LASTMA Official Causes Death Of 5-Month-old, Broken Arms, Legs Of Bus Passengers

Image Credit:Newsroom
So sad.A 5-month old Nigerian lost his life yesterday while arms and legs of many bus passengers in a danfo bus were broken due to carelessness of a LASTMA official in the Onipanu area of Ikorodu road, Yaba, Lagos.
The officer who is said to be on the run, reportedly took a careless action, leading to an accident that took the life of an innocent baby, while putting other passengers in untold pain, as most suffered injuries including broken hands, legs and deep cuts.
According to an eyewitness,the tragic event which happened around 1pm yesterday December 30 occurred when the LASTMA official and driver were dragging the steering of the danfo bus because the driver disobeyed traffic law.
"The danfo bus was moving along the service lane a few stops before Awoyokun bus stop around Onipanu axis of Ikorodu highway. The driver picked up passengers at a wrong bus stop so LASTMA tried to arrest him.
"A LASTMA officer jumped into the bus, sat beside a male passenger at the front and demanded the driver hand the vehicle over. But the driver refused. He kept moving. The LASTMA officer started dragging the steering with him.
"In a flash, the LASTMA man forcefully removed the vehicle's key from the ignition. I think this locked the steering wheel with the bus now facing the refuse truck.
"The next thing we saw was the danfo ramming into the truck."
Another eyewitness narrated how the LASTMA officer, who had reportedly broken an arm during the accident, had climbed out of the bus through the now gaping hole that was once the windscreen of the bus.
"His hand was broken. He climbed out while we were trying to save the lives of the passengers and the driver. He stood on top of the bus and then jumped on the refuse truck. From there, he jumped over a nearby fence and ran away. I saw him. You can see his blood on the danfo bus and on the refuse truck."
At least 10 passengers in the bus had their arms and legs broken.A man sitting in the front of the bus suffered a deep cut close to his eyes, as well as broken arms as he had tried to protect his chest from the impact of the accident.The victims of the accident are said to have been taken to the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, which is very close to the scene of the crash.The 5-month-old baby reported dead from the accident was being carried by her mother at the time of the accident, which had led to the loss of her life.

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