Chidinma's Leaked Sex Video:More Facts Emerge As The Man Implicated In Her Blackmailing Withholds Her Car(Photos)


Apgar Alaigbo has revealed more facts behing Chidinma's leaked sex video.According to him,Chidinma was meant to hand over only her crown and go with her car but the man implicated in her blackmailing did otherwise.Below is what he wrote.....
'Evidence abound at ABS as the Car of Chidinma found at ABS THE CUCUMBER STATION by Mazi Odera

Damn, how can my own Government  be this callous?
This is the price CAR won by Chidinma Okeke as Miss Anambra 2015 ,we know that she will hand over her crown directly to the next queen and she keep the Car. But the Lords of the state who also controls the faith of small girls did otherwise.
This Car is parked at ABS CAR PARK under the usage and protection of ABIOLA JINADU the PA to UCHE NWORAH who is the MD and CEO of ABS, she is also the PIMP GENERAL of ABS, so the question is what is the CAR doing at ABS "The CUCUMBER STATION " .
Is it not admissible of guilt  and intent?

Where is Barrister Emeka Emeka Emmy Ugwuonye the Core HARD CORE RADICAL LAWYER or our time and the DPA DISCIPLES?
This abomination cannot stand in Igbo land,  yes, we know about MAN INHUMANITY TO MAN but what what can we call this?
How can you use NARCOTICS to make life of innocent girls useless and still draw Salary from my state?
Where is Daniel Elombah OF ELOMBA. COM? 
Are we waiting for Western reporters to come and do our job for us?
What is the reason this Car is parked at ABS?'

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