... as Deaconess Martha builds houses for widows / widowers, takes excellent care of motherless babies homes, indigent patients, financially empowers multiple birth mothers, set to double Ekaette Akpabio's record. 

By Raymond Alphonsus 

Akwa Ibomites from the 329 wards across the length and breath of the state have satisfactorily commended the excellent way with which Gov. UDOM Emmanuel has governed since assuming office. 

Despite the collapse of policies at the federal level due to the failed catastrophic leadership of the Buhari administration, Akwa Ibom state under Gov. UDOM Emmanuel still carries out it JOB / WEALTH creation program as well as other life touching programs and projects.

Akwa Ibom is the only state in Nigeria to attain 150 mega watts of electricity which is why we enjoy over 18 hours of electricity daily and our BELOVED GOVERNOR is targeting FULL UNINTERUPPTED power supply in Ikot Abasi and 4 (four) other local government areas. 

Gov. UDOM has also sponsored Akwa Ibom people abroad for training so they can be gainfully employed in the ELECTRIC METER INDUSTRY which will be completed next year in our state, Gov. UDOM who has ensured the continuation of the free and compulsory education program and has taken it upon himself to be paying over 600 MILLION NAIRA for WAEC fees for our children to advance educationally. 

Gov. UDOM had also ensured that Akwa Ibom has the BEST airports in Nigeria as he has completed the runway and ensure our airport enjoys 24 hours UNINTERUPPTED power supply.  Gov. UDOM is making sure that our hospitals are well equiped. Gov. UDOM is looking into the oron General hospital, Etinan General hospital etc etc. and is also giving full attention to Agriculture in the state. 

Excellently complementing our Governor is Deaconess Martha UDOM Emmanuel our first lady fondly called "EKA UNWANA AKWA  IBOM". Deaconess Martha who is a philanthropist has BUILT, COMPLETED AND COMMISSIONED HOUSES FOR WIDOWS / WIDOWERS accross the length and breath of Akwa Ibom state. 

Deaconess Martha has excellently (financially) taken care of multiple birth mothers in our state, Deaconess Martha has sponsored indigent (helpless) patients for medical treatment (surgery), Deaconess Martha has adopted numerous countless Motherless babies homes and she is taking excellent care of them. 

Deaconess Martha has fought for the rights of Akwa Ibom women and children, Deaconess Martha has ensured that her pet project FEYREP (Family Empowerment and Youth re- orientation program) becomes the BEDROCK through which Akwa Ibom people benefit from the JOB / WEALTH CREATION program of Her hausband Gov. UDOM Emmanuel


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