Today's bible teaching: Before you die, be good to your friends;give them a share in what you possess


Sirach chapter 14 Vs 1-19

1. Happy those whose mouth causes them no grief,

those who are not stung by remorse for sin.a

2Happy are those whose conscience does not reproach them,

those who have not lost hope.


3Wealth is not appropriate for the mean-spirited;*

to misers, what use is gold?

4What they deny themselves they collect for someone else,

and strangers will live sumptuously on their possessions.b

5To whom will they be generous that are stingy with themselves

and do not enjoy what is their own?

6None are worse than those who are stingy with themselves;

they punish their own avarice.

7If ever they do good, it is by mistake;

in the end they reveal their meanness.

8Misers are evil people,

they turn away and disregard others.

9The greedy see their share as not enough;

greedy injustice dries up the soul.

10The eye of the miserly is rapacious for food,

but there is none of it on their own table.

11* My son, if you have the means, treat yourself well,

and enjoy life as best you can.c

12Remember that death does not delay,

and you have not been told the grave's appointed time.

13Before you die, be good to your friends;

give them a share in what you possess.d

14Do not deprive yourself of good things now

or let a choice portion escape you.

15Will you not leave your riches to others,

and your earnings to be divided by lot?

16Give and take, treat yourself well,

for in Sheol there are no joys to seek.

17All flesh grows old like a garment;

the age-old law is: everyone must die.e

18As with the leaves growing on a luxuriant tree—

one falls off and another sprouts—

So with the generations of flesh and blood:

one dies and another flourishes.f

19All human deeds surely perish;

the works they do follow after them.


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