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Monday, 9 January 2017

Fayose Clarifies Issue Of Paris Fund,Blasts Buhari & APC Again(Pics)

Below is what he told a group of journalists who interviewed him at EKTV....


In recession,  with all I have done,  I am going to do more.  On October 15th 2017, all doubting Thomases will witness the commissioning of the Fajuyi/Ojumose flyover.


We must rise above politics,  when I stopped people from building filling station in wrong places, they said it is politics.  Politics or no politics,  I am coming up with orders that will curb this recklessness.


Henceforth, no Petrol Station must 've built anywhere in Ekiti  State without my approval.

#FayoseExplainsJan2017: It's saddening that the same people that ruined the finances of this state, they are not in the position to say a word.

I left the office in 2006 with #10.4b, they dumped us perpetual indebtedness when they left.  #46.7b Excess Crude allowance they got when they were there.

I carry along the labour leaders and other stakeholders the finances of Ekiti State, I urge this station to ask them.


Ekiti State got above N8bn (N8.8bn). Ekiti apparently got the least. Out of this, LGs got about N4bn and used 67% to pay salary and pension. Before they gave us the money, they made us to sign that 50% on salary and emoluments.

I don't join issues with those miscreants in the APC. Because I'm taking their master in Abuja on, they were told to be talking too and be saying anything anyhow. I don't bother myself about them.

#FayoseExplainsJan2017: I thank you Mr. Journalist for embarking on Investigative Journalism, it's heartwarming to know you knew my enemies lied on the Paris Club refund and the promotion of workers  I approved.

#FayoseExplainsJan2017: The federal government is lying about the #5000 they talked about,  it was a continuation of what MDG was doing under Jonathan,  that of Jonathan was even better because it was for individuals,  this one they are doing is #5000 per household. Only God knows how much it will be when shared.

#FayoseExplainsJan2017: Someone should tell them in Abuja that the hunger ravaging this country is on the extreme,  the FG should do something about it!

#FayoseExplainsJan2017: The killing in Kaduna is heart wrenching, Nigerians should rise up in prayer against this people.

#FayoseExplainsJan2017: 2017 is the women's year in Ekiti State.

#FayoseExplainsJan2017: I know my wife's impact in my life, I am going to celebrate Ekiti women this year, I will make them happy.

#FayoseExplainsJan2017: Mi o ni ri ija Obirin, ki Okunrin teriba fun iyawo lati le ri ona lo. We must not allow them suffer.  A lot of women will never be successful if they keep maltreating their spouses.

#FayoseExplainsJan2017: E je ki a pon awon Obirin wa le, if we don’t lift them up, nobody will do.

#FayoseExplainsJan2017: I have made provision for soft loan to be rotated amongst them.

#FayoseExplainsJan2017: We are preparing their Ankara already, they will be hosted.

#FayoseExplainsJan2017: 8th of March, 2017 is World Women's Day, they will be celebrated in 2017.

#FayoseExplainsJan2017: There are some dissidents trying to destroy PDP, I don't want to talk much about it, the court will do justice to that.

#FayoseExplainsJan2017: Closing Remarks

Waa ri ti e se, Oo ni gba letter ibanuje, Oun wase, Olorun a se. Olorun a ran wa lowo.  Amin.



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