Majority of Ndigbo now Support Biafra.


Hitherto, before Nnamdi Kanu and Buhari Presidency, Igbos supporting Biafra and those against were at par - 40% for and 40% against, while 20% uncertain (These figures and others hereupon are mine, and obtained through observational research method).

After Buhari had shown his ruthless leadership and Nnamdi showed tenacity and dogged persistence towards the struggle, it went to 60% for, 30% against while 10% undecided.

Then came Ohaneze President, Dr Nnia Nwodo, with his maturity as an elder reinforced the need for Biafra  and made a whole lot of sense cum superior reasons sustaining Biafra quest should be a call all Igbos should join. The support went up, 70% converters, 25% against and 5% still sadly undecided.

Currently, the majority of Igbos want Biafra as a country, and if we should have a referendum among ourselves,  those against are not enough to make us stay. What a relief!

Though, this is not even the delicious part. The winsome part is that Igbos now bring their investments back to Igboland. Two family friends who as at 2014/15 wanted to invest in Abuja and Lagos are currently building massive factory and Hotel at Enugu and Awka respectively because they are not sure if Igbos would remain in Nigeria – economic gain as a result of Biafra quest, which typically would have been lost to Lagos and Abuja if we are staying in Nigeria.

This is what Obasanjo and Osibanjo want to halt with their "Let's beg them" because the success and developement of Igboland is a setback for Lagos/Yorubaland and the prospective development of Ogun State through Agbara axis.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Igbo extraction, continue supporting Biafra quest. No wise man turns back on a journey that is 100 miles after covering 70 miles. Turn back to go another 70 miles or just continue to show persistence to complete the remaining 30 miles and be free from everything wrong about Nigeria.

In Biafra, we will make mistakes certainly and learn from it to become a great Nation unlike in Nigeria where past mistakes are smaller compared to future potential mistakes. Kosisochukwu Chibudo

Credit: By J Duke Anago.


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