Today's bible teaching: Do not give a woman power over you to trample on your dignity.


Sirach Chapter 9 Vs 1-9


1Do not be jealous of the wife of your bosom,

lest you teach her to do evil against you.*

2Do not give a woman power over you

to trample on your dignity.a

3Do not go near a strange woman,

lest you fall into her snares.

4Do not dally with a singer,

lest you be captivated by her charms.

5Do not entertain any thoughts about a virgin,

lest you be enmeshed in damages for her.*

6Do not give yourself to a prostitute

lest you lose your inheritance.b

7Do not look around the streets of the city

or wander through its squares.

8Avert your eyes from a shapely woman;

do not gaze upon beauty that is not yours;

Through woman’s beauty many have been ruined,

for love of it burns like fire.c

9Never recline at table with a married woman,

or drink intoxicants with her,

Lest your heart be drawn to her

and you go down in blood* to the grave.


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