Nigerian Pastor Steps Into His Church On Hoverboard,See Twitter Users Reactions(Photos)


A Nigerian pastor has gone viral on the internet
after he stepped into his church on a hoverboard.

See twitter users reactions below....

(@INDIA) September 26, 2015

" So my friends pastor entered
church on a Segway,
this is getting out of hand

(@inds___) September 26, 2015

@inds___ I can not believe this,
all the donations they been giving
that's what he buying with it

— jelz. (@Jelzkikamba) September 26,
' @inds___ @Its_Kookie

@_manlikemike abeg wetin b dis
nonsense? — oyo (@moyomos)
September 27, 2015

@moyomos @inds___
@Its_Kookie the end-time have
come !!!! — N.e.G.u.S.

(@_manlikemike) September 27, 2015

' I hope everyone in that church
has three square meals per day. ~
@inds___ @GbengaGOLD — Yats SO

(@cozzbie) September 27, 2015

' @inds___ I'm crying real tears
@shaddavis3 @shellzshock
@xopanisia — Imani Davis
(@imani_DoTell) September 27, 2015
' @inds___ this pastor is ballin'

— Rantaman (@The_Rantaman)
September 27, 2015

' @BonestineFoko @inds___
@ayoade_kafaya Iz all ovaaa — Eyan

Nla (@ItsModinat) September 27,

@inds___ @l0vejazmyne pastor
balling with offerings —
Bankroll Benji 600

(@ShaneGwaparello) September 27,

' @inds___ the Lord works in
mysterious ways .it has to be a miracle…
I jus kernt believe it — Jermaine O

(@Kidd_Platinum) September 26, 2015

@inds___ @Emmieeee_xo ma

dear oo even policemen are using it
now..nobody's wants to dull

— Emah (@emahhhrrr0_0) September
27, 2015

' @inds___ Our snake pastor must
not see this. — Marikana blood

(@drknwitallsa) September 27, 2015

' @inds___ @j3thr0v1c Offering
money well spent? — Skillz

Monstrosity (@SkillzmaniaFSG)
September 27, 2015

@inds___ If he was to fall I'm
sure the Devil will get the blame
#foolish — David General
(@DavidGeneralSB) September 27,


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