#SarakiOnTrial# Trending On Twitter: See What Nigerian Twitter Community Said About His Trial


Following the trial of Senate President, Bukola Saraki today by the Code of Conduct Tribunal headed by Justice Umar,Nigerians have taken to twitter to air their views on a  hashtag #SarakiOnTrial#.

Read what Nigerians said below...

#SarakiOnTrial So @bukolasaraki would one day play the humble law-abiding citizen card.. Small Shege..

— APC Nigeria (@APCng) September 22, 2015

The main anti-corruption probe by this govt. Is yet to start o. This is just a rehearsal from some Overzealous supporters #Sarakiontrial

— 'Erinayo Faborode (@laughmelaugh) September 22, 2015

Among every twelve there's a Judas Iscariot we need to fish them out and shame them before they bring us down #SarakiOnTrial @APCUKingdom

— Folarin Olawale (@foliray) September 22, 2015

I'm happy another history has been written today. Nigeria is getting it right under Pres Buhari. Now no one is above the law. #SarakiOnTrial

— Ibrahim B. Babangida (@General_IBB) September 22, 2015

When Buhari said "I belong to everybody,I belong to nobody" y'all didn't understand what he meant. #SarakiOnTrial change is imminent!

— Naija-Manc #MUFC (@yesitzmillie) September 22, 2015

I can just imagine what is going on in the mind of former President Jonathan right now  #SarakiOnTrial

— Ohimai Godwin Amaize (@MrFixNigeria) September 22, 2015

And imagine most of all this undeclared assets are in Lagos where the very strong man reside. Okay continue pldin not guilty #SarakiOnTrial

— adekunle (@radcass2) September 22, 2015

If na sane society he would have resigned but Nigeria politician are shameless. He will never resign #SarakiOnTrial

— ONE NIGERIA (@Bouazizi01) September 22, 2015

Lol 13counts …all not guilty, i wonder why you're in court #SarakiOnTrial

— #TweeterRADIO (@iamTestedOkay) September 22, 2015

The accuse box: victory for democracy, others will sit up, God bless Buhari for upholding the law…. #SarakiOnTrial pic.twitter.com/3wmebwo1vC

— Truthful Ali (@TruthfulAli) September 22, 2015

@TruthfulAli @Gidi_Traffic why resisting b4 wen he knew frm the onset dat he ws gonna sit in the "DUCK" abi him mind to tell am frm house?

— Talktalk… (@TheRealTalktalk) September 22, 2015

I support every war/fight/battle/riot against corruption but i will NEVER support an obvious political abracadabra. #SarakiOnTrial

— Kate Dàkkádà Vincent (@ThaVincent) September 22, 2015

One thing is clear and that is in a democracy, the WILL OF THE PEOPLE & the RULE OF LAW is supreme #SarakiOnTrial pic.twitter.com/Bc1lg3JGiT

— A Child Of Curiosity (@yekeme) September 22, 2015

It is #SarakiOnTrial quite alright. The Code of Conduct Bureau is also on trial. One in the dock. The other in the court -of public opinion

— Order Paper (@orderpaper) September 22, 2015

"@TopeIbironke: When you want to jump fence and you need to be sure no one is watching #CCTvsSaraki #SarakiOnTrial pic.twitter.com/VDW2aK0wCZ

— GIDITRAFFIC (@Gidi_Traffic) September 22, 2015

I can list 10+ reasons to back why #SarakiOnTrial is a witch hunt but of course in the APC era, LIES overrides TRUTH so I rest! @Osekita

— Jojo Abiyere (@Heir_2D_Throne) September 22, 2015

"@CoveredOver: If your Senator is among the CLOWNS in this picture, you need to recall him. #SarakiOnTrial pic.twitter.com/ThPeLO05Tr

— GIDITRAFFIC (@Gidi_Traffic) September 22, 2015

Even if Nigeria don't get Justice… One point has be proven no man born of woman z above d law anymore. Witch hunting or not #SarakiOnTrial

— Mr&Mrs Seth. (@timitinny) September 22, 2015

When a public officer tells u he doesn't want to open his wardrobe for u to inspect, it only heightens the suspicion. #SarakiOnTrial

— A Child Of Curiosity (@yekeme) September 22, 2015

#SarakiOnTrial? LOL The man is having a hearty time out in the midsts of his friends. The only thing missing is beer and roasted catfish!

— OLUWAFEMI (@olufemisp) September 22, 2015

Operating foreign accounts while being in office and failing to declare some assets he acquired while in office as governor. #SarakiOnTrial

— NTA News (@NTANewsNow) September 22, 2015

Update: Among 13 charges against Saraki, anticipatory declaration of asset, acquiring assets beyond his legitimate earnings. #SarakiOnTrial

— NTA News (@NTANewsNow) September 22, 2015

Saraki's trial is the first major casualty of President @Mbuhari's anti-corruption war.. #NoSacredCows #SarakiOnTrial

— Segun_Tomori (@seguntomori) September 22, 2015

Nigerian Senate is unfortunately the room that house impunity & also make laws for Nigerians, what a shame.. #SarakiStepAside #SarakiOnTrial

— Truthful Ali (@TruthfulAli) September 22, 2015

#sarakiontrial Only a stubborn fly follows the corpse into its grave.. CC @dino_melaye

— APC Nigeria (@APCng) September 18, 2015

#SarakiOnTrial Pleads not guilty as he quote a legistlation stating that the CCT should have verified his details with him before summoning

— 1Creek (@1creeknation) September 22, 2015

In case u and ur entire family are living off our YAMS cos ur father/mother was once a GOAT, we r coming for u!!! #SarakiOnTrial

— kehinde omotayo (@SimplyTEEWHY) September 22, 2015

RT Gidi_Traffic ""eniola_opeyemi: Moral lessons from #SarakiOnTrial 1. Don run when called to defend yourself, it creates a bad image| Gid…

— giorgio enrico (@giorgioenrico) September 22, 2015

RT Gidi_Traffic ""eniola_opeyemi: Moral lessons from #SarakiOnTrial 1. Don run when called to defend yourself, it creates a bad image| Gid…

— giorgio enrico (@giorgioenrico) September 22, 2015

Saraki has NOT been convicted He is not a criminal He is only being investigated He MAY walk free He may be convicted #SarakiOnTrial

— Dipo Awojide, PhD (@OgbeniDipo) September 22, 2015

But did he steal?? "@barnablastique: what anoys me is that we all know the truth abt the #SarakiOnTrial is not a criminal case but political

— Tonnaˡᶤᶬᶤᵗᵉᵈ ᵉᵈᶤᵗᶤᵒᶰ (@talkin2tt) September 22, 2015

Watch his village people organize a party for him as they did to Bode George and Stella oduah…smh #SarakiOnTrial…

— Tonnaˡᶤᶬᶤᵗᵉᵈ ᵉᵈᶤᵗᶤᵒᶰ (@talkin2tt) September 22, 2015

How someone will amass more than even his grandchildren need while many walk hungry and homeless is beyond me #SarakiOnTrial

— Milky Ambassador (@Sanijibo_Ofr) September 22, 2015

Those shouting "witch-hunting" should realize an innocent man cannot be jailed by a court if the FACTS don't support such. #SarakiOnTrial

— Akhehicols (@colsbaba) September 22, 2015

@Itz_Quincy how can judiciary still be used as a political tool;assuming we r on a change flight? #SarakiOnTrial

— The Most Northern (@fortifiedmoses) September 22, 2015

14 Billion buut he never worked a day all his life. #SarakiOnTrial

— The EngineEar (@911_ED) September 22, 2015

With the "Business as usual" syndrome …. #Saraki will come out. Clean even with shits on his unwashed bombom #SarakiGate #SarakiOnTrial"

— öliver.. (@Official_Creeda) September 22, 2015

To all the Tinubuists rejoicing over #SarakiOnTrial, someday a competent government and court will have enough to go after him.

— JOSH (@josh_gunner26) September 22, 2015

#SarakiOnTrial I believe we are been played by the ruling party.. They know what Nigerians clamour for and they are using that as a weapon.

— feranmie joshua (@feranmie_jay) September 22, 2015

When @AsiwajuTinubu appeared before cct no one complain,wht stops @bukolasaraki nt 2 follow suit,am sure after #sarakiontrial @doyakubu nex


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