Update: Queen’s College Begs Mother of Molested Student to Come Forward to Aid Investigations



The investigations surrounding the viral sexual molestation case involving Queen's College  teacher Olaseni Osifala has taken a new turn. PUNCH reports that the school's Parent/Teacher Association has confirmed that a panel set up by the Federal Ministry of Education to investigate the molestation claim will be visiting the school on March 30, but the glitch is that the parent of the student allegedly molested has refused to step forward.

This was made known to the press by the Chairperson of the PTA Mrs Beatrice Akhetuame, who told journalists that the panel has been given two weeks to submit a detailed report, and all concerned persons have been issued an invitation letter, save for Chinenye Okoye's mother who made the recent complaint.

"What we are now appealing for is for the woman who gave her daughter's name as Chinenye Okoye to come forward and collect her own letter of invitation," Akhetuame said, adding, "The letter was left in my office. It was forwarded to us because the panel believes that the complainant is a member of the PTA.""

I am the representative of parents of the college and therefore, I have the responsibility of defending the interest of parents, while the welfare of the pupils also falls on me," the chairperson continued. "I am a mother of five girls; two of them are in this college. It will not be possible for me cover such incident up or do anything funny about it.

"I know what it means to train the girl-child and I dare say at all times, my attention is always focused on their activities or issues that concern them. We are happy that the panel is visiting and I pray that the truth behind the entire saga would be unravelled."

Chinenye Okoye's mother is yet to step forward.

Source: PUNCH


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