Buhari Administration:Two Months, Failed Promises, Zero Success By Barcanista


Goodmorning fellow Nigerians, Nairalanders and Guests of this forum. Today (June 29) marks the second month of the life of Buhari's administration. I have therefore taken the step of matching some of his campaign promises with the reality on ground two months into his Presidency (Happy Reading).

1. Failure To End Boko-Haram As Promised:
During Buhari's Jan 22, 2015 campaign for the Presidency in Imo state, he made a pledge/promise to end Boko Haram insurgency within TWO months if elected. In his own words...

"If you elect me as the President of Nigeria on February 14 (March 28), I am assuring you that our government will chase Boko Haram out of Nigeria within two months because it is the responsibility of any reasonable government to secure the lives and property of its citizens."

Unfortunately, contrary to his assurance the BH terrorists has neither been chased out nor is there any significant improvement in this fight.

2. Failure To BringBackChibokGirls:
On August 11, 2014, the Northern Elders Forum gave then President Jonathan a TWO month deadline to BringBackChibokGirls. According to them, failure to return the Chibok girls within the time frame automatically means forfeiture of Jonathan's right to seek re-election in the March 2015 poll. In their own words..

"In the event that President Jonathan fails to do this, Nigerians will be left with the only conclusion that he has forfeited his right to ask for our mandate beyond 2015."

Buhari promised to reunite the missing girls with their families..

"I will give all it takes to ensure that our girls that were kidnapped from Chibok are rescued and reunited with their families." (President Muhammadu Buhari, March 2015)

Though he never fixed a timeline, I believe it is fair that he inherits the 2months deadline given to Goodluck Jonathan by Northern Elders Forum. His failure to return the school girls after two months in power should therefore means a forfeiture of his right to extend his mandate beyond 2019 in line with the NEF scale.

3. The Failure of Him and His Appointees To Publicly Declare Their Assets:

"I pledge to publicly declare my assets and liabilities, encourage all my appointees to publicity declare their assets and liabilities as a pre-condition for appointment."

Those were the words of Muhammadu Buhari in his February 25 pledge. Unfortunately, it's been TWO months since taken over and we are yet to see the Assets of the President and his Vice. More painful is the fact that NONE of the President's appointees (Shehu Garba, Femi Adesina, NSA Moguno, Accountant-General etc) has declared their assets PUBLICLY contrary to his pledge of "as a pre-condition for appointment.".

4. Failure To Commence/Implement Other Programs:
It is unfortunate that two months into this administration, no one is talking about other Buhari promises like the 12 months post service payments for Corp members and feeding of primary school pupils. There is no mechanism in place to ensure that monthly N5000 payment to the elderly, disabled and the unemployed.

It is worthy to note that Buhari is yet to achieve ANY of his campaign promises. Though I never voted President Buhari at the March 28 poll, I believe that it is the right of every citizen irrespective of party or religious affiliation to hold the government accountable. I also believe that we (critics) are doing the APC favor by our constant criticisms. In fact, the APC on April 30 through its Chairman, Chief John Oyegun admonished the opposition to constantly keep the APC/Buhari government on their toes. In his own word...

"We(APC) want the PDP to keep us on our toes so that we don't make the same mistake they made."

God sparing our lives, we shall continue to keep them on their toes.

May God Bless Us All


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