Read Patrick Sawyer's Mail Before His Death


Patrick Sawyer,a Liberian killed by Ebola
If any Nigerian should forget anything that happened in the country this year,it can not be Ebola outbreak.

  Considering its mode of spread,almost every body in the Africa's most populous country panicked since the disease came into the country through late Liberian-American Patrick Sawyer.Many Nigerians even stopped shaking hands for the fear of getting the disease.Bankers even put on gloves at duty posts.

  The Liberian died after his sister Princess died of the disease.Patrick was believed to have contracted the disease after coming into contact with his sister's blood.

  In a email he sent to Benetta Tarr after the demise of his sister Princess,he told Benetta of how the death of his sister affected his siblings and also mentioned Ebola as the cause of his sister's death.

Read the mail below...

From: Patrick O. Sawyer < Date: Thu,Jul 10, 2014 at 6:09 AM
Subject: Ebola Struck Close to Home

To: Benetta Tarr < “H. Urias

Dear All, My junior sister, Princess Christina Nyennetue (Age 27) died on Tuesday July 8th at the St. JosephCatholic Hospital.At my request, the Ministry of Health agreed to extract blood specimens from her body in search for cause of death and the result just came in this morning…she died of Ebola Disease.Princess was the only girl child of my mother’s 5 children…this make it particularly difficult for us
especially for my mother who lives alone in Southwest Philadelphia .If you Facebook searched my late sister Princess, you will soon realize that death has cheated a promising young life. Thanks to you all once more for your many messages of condolence and best wishes. Good day.
*Patrick Oliver Sawyer / Head *

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