Singer Dencia Blasts US-Africa Summit

The US-Africa Summit commenced yesterday with many African leaders including President Goodluck Jonathan at the summit.President Obama announced some days before the opening ceremony that all the African leaders will be screened for the dreaded Ebola disease.Africa's investment, trade and America’s commitment to Africa’s security, its democratic development and its people are expected to be discussed at the summit.

One person who is strongly against the summit is Cameroonian singer Dencia.She took to her twitter page to blast the summit.

Find what she said below:

"Wait so the African Summit in DC will focus on Trade & investment,pls investing in which country?Investment is when 50 presidents pay.Fly private jets,spend millions on a 3 day summit,hotel etc pls that’s investing in America & oh the
shipping sprees smh Africa. "

"Why couldn’t the summit be held in a peaceful African country?a whole continent flies to 1 count in the name of trade & investment?With everything currently going on in Africa?they will come out with No benefits to the average joe & zero knowledge.There’s hungry kids,people sick in the hospital,Ebola,missing girls in Africa yet u are talking abt trade &investment,Who u investing 4?"

America sent medication to cure 2 American Dr’s with Ebola,why couldn’t they give it to others?why couldn’t these Africans use the money on the flights & hotels for this damn summit to buy the meds and help people dying from Ebola?Africans are quick to blame Shit I am sure I could give the damn African leaders better advice on trade & investment cuz all this up & down is for the Gram!! Lol .You wonder why Africa ain’t progressing. Smh

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