Fulani Herdsmen Kill Another Woman Today While She Was Working In Savannah Sugar Company(Photos)

As shared by Vincent Ahidjo......

'This woman was killed today in Savannah Sugar Company while performing her legitimate as a duties as a staff by Fulani herdsmen. Four villages around Numan has been ran down with no presence of security and 2 of the villages had their village chiefs killed with scores of men, women and Children. Our people have been barred from movement in and out of other neighboring villages for reinforcement. The war is still raging and scores are at the verge of extinction. We are at the mercy of God with Security agencies doing nothing to stop that. We are calling on well meaning, Nigerians to condemn this barbaric acts of killings because they have the Government to protect them. This is our Land and we will die protecting it. This is the same Govt we voted for. God will deliver us. Amen'.