Mbaka attacks Buhari again:'This is just the kindergarten,your administration is demonocracy'


Father Mbaka continues to attack Buhari's government.

I am currently listening to Mbaka's live Wednesday E No Dey Programme.Here are some of the things he said....

1. Shortly after his last week prophecy of disaster coming,senators started decamping.According to him,this is just the kindergarten.

2. He said heaven is not happy with Buhari.He said why should the blood of a priest be spilled in Benue and the president who is meant to atone for it has done that.Mbaka said God is not happy with Buhari.

3. Speaking further,he frowned why should some communities in Plateau be claimed by Fulani herdsmen.

4.He described the administration as demonocracy  not democracy.

5.He also said that many people who worked for Buhari has not been rewarded.He said very soon Buhari will not sleep again.

6. He asked Buhari where is the change he promised.According to him,no change has been seen.

7. He also said those putting Nigerians in hardship will be ready to face more disasters and fire.

8. Speaking further,he said before Yaradua travelled to Saudi Arabia and died,he prophesied it,before Jonathan became president he said it,before Jonathan lost he said it and also said that Buhari will win.He was also told that if Buhari messes up he will be directed by God to tell him.He stated how he told Gov. Ugwuanyi years ago when he met him at a convocation ceremony that he will be governor of Enugu state.

9. Heaven is watching Buhari with whistle.The whistle has be blown

10. God will deliver Nigeria

11. The administration is tyrannical

12. As for the defected senators,they are coming to destroy Nigeria more

More to come.I am still listening to the message


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