See The Face Of The Lady Who Was Caught In Bed With Pastor Wilson(Photos)


All because of choir mistress position.
She cannot destroy the pastor while she hides her own face. Her face don show, the sin is symbiotic, both of them should be embarrassed, not only the pastor.
These are the photos and details of the lady in Pastor Wilson’s s*x tape whom he was eating like the last super.
Her name is Corinthia Edwards.She is the daughter of the best-friend to the clergyman’s wife and lives in the same city with the flesh eater pastor.
The two were reportedly having an affair for a while and the pastor had allegedly promised to make her a leader in the church choir but the lastor failed to fulfil his promise and also failed to implement the manifesto he presented when he was campaigning for her honeypot.
During one of their sexcapades, the lady filmed the video and used it to blackmail the pastor.
She has since deleted all her social media accounts.


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