Zambian Lady Shares Photos Of A Man Who Slept With Her And 24 Other Ladies In A Month,Wishes Him HIV(Photos)


An angry Zambian lady took to Facebook to share photos of a man who wanted to marry her until she found out that the man is a player.According to her,the man slept with 24 ladies in a month.She shared the post in a popular Zambian FB page Mwebantu Zambia and wrote...
Dear Mwebantu Zambia ,
Kindly hide my ID and expose this man Philemon Phiri a Business man in Lusaka who has factorized with over 24 women in one month.
Mr. Philemon lied to me that he was single and wanted a woman to marry.
He showed me around some of his business not knowing that what he was showing me was for his friends.
This man is a croock and if anyone comes face to face with him again, please walk away.
In the meantime kindly see pictures of all women he slept with in a month.
This man is so deadly and wondering if HIV can end like this.
Ladies expecially take caution of this man.
Thank you'


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