Automatically Publish Post/article To Your Blog - Powerful Php Script

Everyday by day thousands of new blog, forum and even website are. being launch, though is not everyone or all of us that are Good in Coding; I mean is not everyone that can PHP, and also some of us are good than each other...
Actually NO, I know most of us knew about it but didn't know how to go about it and for those of us that have more than 1,2,3,4 blog that found it difficult to manage all (I mean that u can not be able to post as expected), I think this us for you. 
Advantage of this script?
1. Automatically publish or update post even when you are not online.
2. Your site blog or forum will always up to date..
3. Reduce Data usage.
4. Stress free and many more. 
Why do I need this script?
1. I can't be online everyday.
2. I really want my website or Blog to be up to date.
3. I have much work @ hand.
4. I don't want to waste much data......
With all these, do I really need dis script?
Yes! as I have stated earlier that thousands of blogs and websites are being launched everyday, and the beauty of blog/website is visitor. And the best way of getting visitors is by making your blog up to date. 
Sound interesting rights?
I think I love this. 

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