Arise O'PDP,The Future Is Brighter By Barcanista


 The Presidential election has come and gone. Winner and losers emerged. Opposition APC gaining power, and the ruling PDP losing power after being in the saddle for 16 years(but 5 years in practical terms). Nobody love to lose but in defeat we have to project the future and hope for the best as 2019 is just by the corner. The "New" PDP led by Jonathan should understand that election is all about popular opinion, and it is an established fact that popular opinion isn't necessarily the best. We have four years to prove that to the electorates, I believe we would. Opposition parties in Africa are quite infamous for squandering opportunities and not living to expectation when voted into power. This is no different from the Nigeria situation. The PDP need to come together, allow those that want to defect to the ruling party-elect to do so unhindered, keep the young people in the party together, rebrand the party by taking advantage of Jonathan's Global popularity as a Democratic Icon(whoever disagrees is on his/her own), maintain social media presence and be ready to take back power from the APC in 2019.


 I am very optimistic that power will change hand in 2019 as the ruling government-elect is nothing but conspiracy by some group of undemocratic political oligarchs that are bent on wrestling power from the outgoing incumbent to further their selfish political and self-economic interests using General Muhammadu Buhari as a front and media propaganda as weapon. When the joy of electoral victory is over and the business of governance set in from May 29, the real intention of the Buhari backers will begin to emerge though the manifestation may take some months or up to a year. The battle to control the machinery of the party(APC) and the government among the political oligarchs will emerge on one hand. On another hand there will be the inevitable confrontation between overbearing party leaders and elected/appointed officials. The in-fighting will directly or indirectly have effect on the government performance because there will be lots of sabotage from government officials(moles) that are loyal to the kingmakers within the party. All these coupled with unrealistic proposed social policies of Buhari's incoming government, the masses expectations are bound to erode and discontent brew as a result.


 The APC took advantage of public discontent with some of the policies of Jonathan's government to launch propaganda and successfully won public sympathy. The party was NEVER founded on any ideology but on the platform of grabbing power from the incumbent President Jonathan and PDP, hiding under the slogan of change. Similar scenario played out in Tunisia and Egypt. Just like it ended for the "now opposition" in both countries, so it will be for the incoming ruling party APC, because no change can come through undemocratic, unpatriotic and non-ideological element as embodied in the APC. Propaganda can go thus far but can never reach a permanent destination. I hope the good people of Nigeria are ready to face what they signed up for.


 In 2011 the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood took advantage of the discontent in Egypt to mobilise Egyptians in a popular uprising. The people of Egypt were determined to remove every Mubarak's element from power. Muhammed Morsi who was/is the leader of opposition Freedom and Justice Party(Muslim Brotherhood) promised better lives for Egyptians. in his own words, "I hope the people will choose me, an Islamist candidate from the Freedom & Justice party and Muslim Brotherhood, and God willing the system will move towards stability and development.". He was elected President by popular votes (51.73%) in June 2012. However exactly one year after ie June 2013, the same Egyptians that brought him to power took to the street to call for his ouster. Hope of a change under Morsi eluded, they couldn't wait for the end of the term. The Army led by Abdel Fattah Sisi struck amid wild jubilation. Sisi-mania was birthed. The people went further to call on Sisi to seek election in 2014, he was elected and the people are happy. Note, Sisi has always been an ally of exPresident Hosni Mubarak. Tunisia: Like Egypt, Tunisians rose to popular uprising calling for the ouster of exPresident Ben Ali in 2011. The opposition led by Mohamed Marzouki took advantage to clinch power riding on public sentiment. He was later elected President in 2011. Three years later he was kicked out by the same people. Mr Ali Beji Essebsi, a longtime ally of exPresident Ben Ali was elected President in December 2013.


 I welcome APC and look forward to see them assume power come May 29. They should be assured that some of us will stick to the PDP and take advantage of its national spread. We shall define the party and embrace our role as the new opposition. By the grace of God, Nigerians will in their numbers bring us back to power in 2019. I appeal to young people and supporters of the PDP to stick with the party. Let us rebuild. PDP Shall Lead Again... Long Live "New" PDP God Bless Nigeria

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